Battle Rope Exercises and Workouts to Get Shredded

Battle Rope Exercises and Workouts to Get Shredded

Battle Ropes are one of the most versatile tools in the gym. With one rope you can build muscle, burn fat, build strength or endurance because with a battle rope you get out what you put in.

For those that only see battle ropes as an upper body finisher, they are missing out on all of the other benefits. For those that only see it as a fad, they have forgotten that ropes have been with humanity since the dawn of human existence. Why are ropes becoming more  commonplace in gyms? You would be hard pressed to find a more versatile tool, that is why. With an expertly crafted plan, the same rope can be used for elite athletes or someone new to fitness. Unlike weights in which an experienced lifter probably trains with more weight, both types of people can train with the exact same battle rope.

What do Battle Ropes Do?

You get out what you put in with battle ropes. The battle rope solely relies on the force that you put into your use of the battle rope. That force is relative to you. So, depending on your goals, any type of person can use the same battle rope to build muscle, burn fat, build strength or endurance.

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One more great thing about battle ropes. They are pretty easy to transport. Unlike other forms of fitness in which you need to transport multiple heavy weights for your workout, it is much easier to fold up one battle rope and take it with you whether that is to the other side of the gym or the country. 

Battle Ropes come in different shapes and sizes as well. The best battle ropes are 50 feet in length. This allows you to either choke up on the battle rope or back off to make your battle rope workout more challenging. With shorter ropes, you are limited to the length of that battle rope. 

What Size Battle Rope do I Need?

Our battle rope workouts are designed by Aaron Guyett, CSCS, one of the pre eminent battle ropes instructors in the world. You can follow the battle rope exercises and workouts below as well as learn how to fit them into a goal oriented battle rope workout plan.

Battle Rope Wave Physics

There is actually solid science behind the wave movements of the battle rope and why they are so beneficial for building muscle or burning fat.Power output in a wave is measured by the Energy of the wave length over time. The energy of the wave length is akin to the force (mass * acceleration) times distance (displacement, which for waves is the amplitude of the wave, or height of the peak and base of the trough). If you speed up the rope movements, your time periods will get smaller (just like mechanical physics), and if the energy/force and amplitude/distance remains the same, your power output will increase. If you increase the distance/displacement/amplitude, and keep the same time period, your power output will increase. Source: Battle Rope Fundamentals Course

Battle Rope Grip

This is one of the most common errors people make when first picking up a battle rope, many never correct it. The Grip being too tight is a common mistake. If your grip is too tight, think about holding on to your favorite hamster. Not too tight to kill it, but not too loose where you will let it escape.

Too Much Tension

Too much tension in the rope does not allow for freedom of wave movements and mitigates the ability to engage safely through your structure. Hold on to the ends of the rope, pull tension in the rope, lower your hands to your sides, and walk forward so the rope touches the toes on your feet. This is a perfect starting position.

Correct Battle Rope Stance and Posture

Taco fold at your hips or low back is another common mistake. Because the line of gravity is straight down, and the line of tension through your body follows the line of your rope, it is suggested you engage through your vertical core by standing up tall and proud while performing basic rope training.

The Best Way to Anchor a Battle Rope

Why not just wrap your battle rope around something? Over time, the force you generate on the rope might cause this to wear on the rope and cause it to fray. Here are some suggestions about different ways to anchor your battle rope depending on the resources available to you. Living.Fit Battle Ropes come with a free portable anchor. 

How Do You Build Strength with Battle Ropes?

In order to train strength, sometimes referred to as the metabolic pathway, you want to train until muscle failure. The limitations of other fitness tools are they are gravity bound, you just amplify gravity with increased loads.  To get stronger you need to run up or get close to muscle failure to get to your lactic threshold. You know the feeling when you cannot move your arms or abs anymore? With battle ropes it is the same way. For example, you can perform any of the movements shown below until muscle failure. Building this out in effective programming is how you train that. 

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  • Generate unlimited battle rope workouts for any goal here
  • Fitness Equipment like battle ropes here

How Do You Burn Fat With Battle Ropes?

Do burn battle ropes burn fat? You bet! Any tool that gets your heart rate up will help you burn fat and calories. Depending on the rate of intensity during your workout you can affect if you are training fat burning during your workout.

Source: Battle Rope Benefits, Mistakes and Basics

Hypertrophy With Battle Ropes

To build your muscles bigger, you want to train any movement until failure. With battle ropes this means you will adjust the timed sets you are doing to accommodate for later rates of failure as you build your muscles. To get bigger, you have to tax your musculature and bring it to fatigue. Then reset and bring to failure again. With a battle rope this will normally take 20-60 seconds. This will usually be 3-5 sets of working until failure. 

5 Basic Battle Rope Exercise Movements You Must Know

There is not a part of your workout where you shouldn’t consider using battle ropes. Using the movements below, you can use them as the focus of your workout plan as opposed to just a warm up or finishing tool. With an expertly written workout plan you can build muscle, burn fat, build power or endurance with the same battle rope. The source of all five movements is the expertly crafted Battle Rope Origins plan by Living.Fit.

Battle Rope Vertical Waves

In this battle rope exercise you are using the full length of the rope as opposed to having one end of the rope held in each hand. Stand with your feet a bit more than shoulder width apart and grip one end of the battle rope with both hands. The goal is to use everything you have to create waves all the way to the anchor. This means your upper and lower body. Squat down and explode out of that movements to generate momentum in your upper body to create waves all the way to the end. This movement uses your entire upper body and entire lower body.

Battle Rope Lateral Waves

In this movement you will also utilize the full length of the entire rope. Hold one end of the battle rope in both hands with your feet slightly wider than your shoulders. Use speed and distance to rotate your body to generate waves as far towards the anchor as possible.  Create rotation out of your legs, hips, scaps, shoulders and t-spine. Try to rapidly go back and forth with the rotation which will engage all of your abdominal muscles.

Battle Rope Full Body Circles

In this movement you will also utilize the full length of the entire rope. Hold one end of the battle rope in both hands with your feet slightly wider than your shoulders. You will go as deep as you can in your squat and remain in control as you can while generating circular motion with your arms holding the rope. Keep your chest proud, abs and glutes engaged. Explosive movement through the lower body. Keep your spine long. You are still trying to drive waves all the way down to the bottom of your anchor. 

Battle Rope Double Rope Slams

In this movement you will hold one end of the battle rope in each hand. Stand with your feet slightly more than shoulder width apart.  Slowly bring the rope up and use all the force and power you have to slam the rope into the ground. Use your leg muscles to generate power on the way up and transfer all that power into the downward slamming movement. Keep your abs engaged. Keep your back straight rather than rounding, this reduces force. Drive down with your lats and triceps while you lower yourself down.

Battle Rope Double Alternating Waves

In this movement you will hold one end of the battle rope in each hand. Stand with your feet slightly more than shoulder width apart. Go as fast as you can, alternating the wave with one arm then the other. As one arm is coming down the other should be going up like a see saw as opposed to one then the other. You are trying to generate a wave one each side of the battle rope as fast as you can. 

3 Battle Rope Exercise Movements to Burn Fat & Show Your Abs

In most battle rope exercises we have instructed that you will keep your core tight and engaged. These specific exercises actually focus on building your abs and creating that shredded look a lot of us are after. There is a difference between having a strong and engaged core versus actually having abs. These movements are designed to build your abdominal muscles.  The source of these three movements is the Six Pax & Muscle Pump program by Living.Fit. 

Battle Rope Clock Drops

Lay with your back on the ground while extending your arms in front of you, holding the battle rope above your chest. Rotate your lower body from one side to the other while engaging your abs. You should control and move your lower body with your abdominal muscles.

Battle Rope Dragon Flags

Lay with your back on the ground with one end of the rope in each hand. Your legs should be pointing away from the anchor of the battle rope. Use your abs to raise your hips and lower body off the ground while you hold one end of the battle rope in each hand. Slowly let your hips and lower body down while controlling this movement with your abdominal muscles. Keep your abdominal muscles engaged the entire time throughout this movement. Bring your lower body right back up as soon as you touch the ground.

Battle Rope Workouts for Your Chest & Arms

Similar to kettlebells, battle ropes can be used for conditioning while also building muscle and burning fat. Force is Force is the motto of battle ropes according to Living.Fit Director of Education, Aaron Guyett. This means when you do these movements, no matter who you are, the force you generate is relative to you. In most battle rope exercises you want to generate maximum effort throughout the prescribed time. 

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  • Generate unlimited battle rope workouts for any goal here
  • Fitness Equipment like battle ropes here

Following an expertly crafted workout plan will help you not only build your upper body with battle ropes but condition it as well. This makes battle ropes ideal for combat sport training. These movements are from 23 Battle Rope Exercises for Bigger Arms and Never Quit Program.

Double Lateral Battle Rope Wave

Hold one end of the battle rope in each hand. Keep your hands separated throughout the entire movement. Build symmetry from side to side. Try to generate the same force from each side. This is the same side to side movement as lateral waves above holding the rope with two hands, but you will be moving side to side generating force from each side.

Battle Rope Kneeling Alternating Waves

Place both knees on the ground in a double kneeling position and keep your core and back straight. This movement will make you feel like you are being pulled forward, keep slack in the rope. Hyper engage your abs and glute to stay in this tall kneeling position.  Perform alternating waves in the same movements you did above, but taking your lower body out of this will make this movement much more challenging for you.

Tall Kneeling In and Out Battle Rope Waves

Place both knees on the ground in a double kneeling position and keep your core and back straight. You will really want to flex your glutes to maintain stability.  Keep slack in the battle rope. Scoot forward if you are being pulled forward. Do not cross your hands when you bring them back together. 

In-Out Battle Rope Waves

This movement is a crusher for the abs and pecs. Engage your upper back and scapula muscles. Stand with your feet a bit wider than shoulders. Do not let your back round. Think of yourself as pulling the waves apart while you open up your chest. Do not cross your hands at any point. They should only come together before going back out. Not crossing forces your muscles to engage more which is the goal. 

Battle Rope Alternatives

It is quite possible you have read this far and do not even have a battle rope. If you want to give some of these movements a try while waiting on your battle rope to arrive. Here are some helpful ways you can create battle rope alternatives and still perform similar movements. 

How to Intensify Any Battle Rope Movement

Similar to a kettlebell, you can intensify any battle rope movement just by making some minor changes to your body. A lot of movements you feel like you have mastered can be made much harder. 

Battle Rope Workout Plans 

  • Battle Rope Origins. Amazing started with a solid foundation. If you are looking to understand the basics of Battle Ropes, or you just want a really awesome training progression with something different, this 4 week progression is your answer. You can spend 4, 8, and even 12 weeks on this training progression if you are trying to master the fundamentals of Battle Ropes. Don't have Battle Ropes? Try these substitute ideas!
  • Six Pack and Muscle Pump. Build your muscles and work towards a shredded, lean core. Come and drink your fill of this four to twelve week program again and again, and as long as your sleep, stress management, hydration, and nutrition is on point, you will reach your reward – Aesthetically pleasing abs and muscular definition.
  • Never Quit. This workout will be preceded by the Alva story, inspiring you to greatness by never quitting, and trying just one more time with your very best. Whether directly or indirectly, may this inspiration help you take steps forward, even if you fail. You will need this attitude and character strength as you train with the battle rope.

Battle Ropes for Sale

  • Battle Ropes for Sale
  • ANCHOR: Orders include portable anchor with carabiner and nylon strap to secure for workouts anywhere (pictured in product images)
  • LENGTH: All ropes are 50 feet in length. This is the ideal length as it allows you to move up and down the rope to make workouts more difficult or easier
  • SOURCED: by Master Battle Ropes Trainer Aaron Guyett for the highest quality
  • COMFORTABLE: Rubber grips on ends for better workouts
  • WARRANTY: 1 Year Warranty
  • BRAIDED ROPES: Our ropes are 100% braided poly dacron. This is more durable than triple strand twist ropes you see which are liable to come unraveled after repeated use. Braided ropes will last longer.

WORKOUTS AVAILABLE: We publish high quality and engaging battle rope workouts you can view here.

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