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Build Muscle with Ropes

If you could only train with one tool the rest of your life, it might the battle rope. Build muscle, burn fat & learn how to run classes and teach others with the most invaluable but under utilized tool in your workout arsenal.

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True Kettlebell Strength

Next level kettlebell training in sagittal, frontal, and transverse planes, starts with learning the basics. Designed to take beginners through the basics, as well as experienced lifters how to train in all planes of motion.

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Recover, Refuel

How you prepare and recover from your workouts is just as important as what you do in your workouts. View meal plans, recipes and helpful demos about creating better workouts when you are not training so your next training session is your best.

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"With three severely smashed, broken vertebrae at the age of ten, I was unable to participate in sports all my life. But with your kettlebell routines, with a little adjustment because of my spine, I'm getting in the best condition, and living life more fully, than I have in thirty years. Thank you so much"


"Thank you for the great demos! Kettlebells are my favorite piece of workout equipment. I look forward to learning much more. Thanks to you & Kettlebell Kings for providing this service!"


"Just signed up. This is great! The instruction is grade AAA. I’ve been looking for something like this to do more with kettlebells and also for my son who likes the flexibility in kettlebell movements and workouts. I hope to buy high quality KK kettlebells soon."


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Battle Rope Certification

Learn from the best.  Aaron Guyett is the Battle Ropes & Fitness Programs Manager for Living.Fit with a decade of battle rope coaching, teaching, and programming.

Kettlebell Certifications

The goal of this certification is to put you on the path to building strength with proper form. You must start with foundational kettlebell knowledge and movements before advancing

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Our Top Instruction Tips & Plans

The largest library of kettlebell, battle rope, recovery, instructional and workout videos on the web with more workouts added every month! It’s available 24/7 on any device, so you can find what your workout needs, when you need it. Here are a few!


The Perfect Tool 

What makes the battle rope one of the single best tools for home workouts?  Master Coach, Aaron Guyett, talks about one of the over 30 benefits of ropes training. 

The One Arm Swing

Quick demo of the One Arm Kettlebell Swing by Marcus. For each movement covered we have quick demos like this plus full length demos with explanations. 


How you prepare and cool down from workouts is just as important as your workout. Without proper stretching you will not get the full benefit of working out because of limited range of motion. 


The Beginning of Flow

What is kettlebell flow? How do you start to flow with the kettlebell? Marcus discusses how to start moving more freely with kettlebells.

Lateral Waves

Try this challenging battle ropes movement and listen to expert instruction from Aaron Guyett on this and over 50 other battle rope movements and online workouts. 

The Rotational Snatch 

The benefits of kettlebell flow are adding horizontal planes of movement as opposed to just front to back like traditional kettlebell lifts. Learn this snatch variation!

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Completely new to kettlebell or battle rope training? Get answers to your most frequently asked questions about how to train, frequency of training, how much weight to train with and more and in the free Level 1's contained in the Workout Starter Kit.

Get started with free access to hundreds of short, quick demos about kettlebell movements, battle rope training, trial weekly plans, assorted nutrition and recovery demos with meal plans.

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The Living.Fit Experts

Gain access to more than 500 instructional tips and coaching plans from the foremost experts in their fields. View demonstrations from each below.

Aaron Guyett

Aaron Guyett, Battle Ropes Master Coach teaches rope programs for power, strength, endurance, mobility, and stability to athletes and trainers of all levels. Demonstrating his often quoted, "next one best one" mentality.

Marcus Martinez

Since 2001 Marcus Martinez has been helping people reach their goals through kettlebells. He has extensive experience in teaching, building programs, developing training modules and running fitness businesses. 

Stefanie Obregozo

Stefanie Obregozo is an integrative lifestyle and exercise coach, whose passion for wellness stems from her own experience in overcoming childhood obesity and addiction. 


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