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Hundreds of Free Workout Demos to Supplement Training!

Kettlebell Kings has created hundreds of 10-15 second demos of kettlebell movements for a quick reference to supplement our weekly workouts grouped by experience level or muscle group.

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Learn Deadlift Variations


The Basis of Other Movements

Strengthens: Hamstrings, glutes, upper & lower back, forearms, hands

Applications: Picking up / lifting anything from the floor, basis for the swing, strengthening your back and learning how to use legs & back in sync to prevent injury

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What Have We Created?

This is a vibrant community designed for learning and interaction amongst members and experts through questions, commenting and discussion on workout posts as well as monthly challenges and hundreds of workout ideas.

We have hundreds of free, short movement demos and mash ups of our popular weekly workouts! In addition, for an optimal training experience we have longer demonstrations which have thorough written and verbal cues by your trainer as well as steps for Proper Set Up, Applications, Key Points, How to Avoid Common Errors and more.

In our Trainer Experience packages, you will find thorough recommendations about which weight to use for each workout, upgraded workouts, explanations to ensure you achieve maximal usage and operation of your ketttlebell workouts with safety and efficacy. 

Build Power With Kettlebell Swings


The Movement Everyone Thinks They Know 

Take a look at our guides on:

  1. Hinge Based Swings
  2. Pendulum Based Swings
  3. Hand to Hand Swings
  4. Step Swings
  5. Band Swings & More!
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Get in Depth Explanations of Hundreds of Kettlebell Movements

Work with our experts to learn movements for strengthening specific muscle groups, proper set up, how to avoid common errors in order to achieve maximal operation of your workouts.

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Hundreds of Movements!

The largest database of kettlebell instructional videos on the internet with more movements added every month! Browse these by Beginner, Novice, Advanced Movements, Muscle Groups, Movement Variations and including answers to F.A.Q's.

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The Trainer Experience

The Kettlebell Kings Trainer Experience is an interactive community where you will learn to maximize your kettlebell training for best results through expert demonstrations, explanations, and troubleshooting with community members and experts.

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Learn how to move safely and effectively with the Big 3 Beginner Kettlebell movements that are the basis for infinite workouts and kettlebell movements.  Our trainers take you through the stages to ensure maximal kettlebell operation.

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Kettlebell Kings has partnered with the foremost experts in the world to demonstrate beginner, novice and advanced kettlebell movements. Designed to teach you proper form and get maximal operation out of your workouts.


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