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Battle Ropes

  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION, there are hundreds of online sellers of fitness products. We focus on high quality products and creating the best customer experience possible. Our team has decades of experience in customer service and fitness to support you. We understand that high quality and creating a pristine customer experience is what makes the difference for you. We are here to answer your questions both pre and post purchase as well as help with any questions
  • AWESOME WORKOUTS! Any battle rope you choose comes with portable nylon anchor strap. Choose from 1.5, 2 or 3 inch diameter battle ropes with either canvas covered or braided finish. Follow one of our 30 day workout plans to build muscle, burn fat and reach any fitness goal!
  • ELITE CONSTRUCTION. Each rope is manufactured with over 20 key specifications to keep the quality high, as well as three different thicknesses for your continued progressive overload training.
  • DURABLE. Both types of battle ropes are built to last. Canvas covered ropes are ideal for outdoor or use on textured floors. The durable canvas cover protects the battle rope from fraying which ruins the battle rope and leaves you with clean up. BRAIDED ROPES: Our ropes are 100% braided poly dacron. This is more durable than triple strand twist ropes you see which are liable to come unraveled after repeated use. Braided ropes will last longer.
  • COMFORTABLE: Rubber grips on ends for better workouts
  • LENGTH: All ropes are 50 feet in length. This is the ideal length as it allows you to move up and down the rope to make workouts more difficult or easier. Read more about this below.
  • GUARANTEED RESULTS. Combine these battle rope with one of our battle rope workout programs and good nutrition to awesome results in build muscle and burning fat.

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More Battle Rope Details:

  • 50 feet in length is the best length for improved frequency, physics, and dynamic movement capacity (if you need a shorter rope because of space, you can always tie off your rope at shorter length, but you cannot make a short rope longer). The longer rope will not necessarily make the workout harder, but will definitely make your movement better with improved wave frequency, shorter ropes do not allow for this. The shorter lengths can slap and catch because your undulations will not make it all the way back down the battle rope before they hit the anchor point. 

Canvas vs Braided Construction

Canvas Cover Construction. The canvas cover protects the rope by preventing dirt, sand, bark, and grass from the rope fibers, which seriously degrades the rope quality and longevity.  This is a triple strand twist battle rope with a canvas cover. The canvas cover is ideal for outdoor use and in locations where the rope is subject to harsher conditions like textured floors. Battle Ropes without canvas covers that are used outdoors or in harsher environments will fray and come apart.

Each rope has comfortable rubber grips on the end to help with grip during intense workouts.

Canvas Covered Battle Rope Weights:

  • 1.5 Inch Canvas Covered Battle Rope - 28 LBs
  • 2 Inch Canvas Covered Batte Rope - 38 LBs
  • 3 Inch Canvas Covered Battle Rope - 88 LBs

Braided Construction. A braided rope is the most durable possible rope for indoor use on smooth services. This is a beautifully crafted battle rope that will last a long time. 

These battle ropes are 100% braided poly dacron. This is more durable than triple strand twist ropes you see which are liable to come unraveled after repeated us.

You can tell a triple strand twist because it looks like three big ropes woven together. These braided ropes look more like one rope. Braided ropes will last longer.  The braided rope is another method of making a rope, and it creates equal forces directing down the length of the rope when creating waves, circles, static engagement, and rope pulling exercises. It also is more durable. 

Braided Battle Rope Weights:

  • 1.5 Inch Braided Battle Rope - 28 LBs
  • 2 Inch Braided Battle Rope - 47.5 LBs
  • 3 Inch Braided Battle Rope - 86 LBs

    Living.Fit witnessed the shortfalls in the battle rope production, so we ordered over 30 ropes from 5 different manufacturers to find the very best battle rope. We made our choice after hours of testing and many uses of each rope. For indoor use, we selected the poly-dacron braided rope.
    For outdoor use, we selected the poly-dacron triple strand twist with a canvas covering.

    How to Anchor a Rope with the Free Portable Anchor Included: