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Build Bigger Arms With Battle Ropes


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There is a little place deep in every man’s soul that wants to be the biggest, strongest dude in the whole gym. I know there are a lot of guy’s reading this that claim they are only after performance and optimization (I am one of them).

But there is a part of me that wants to eat everything in sight, lift everything in sight, and make every muscle so big that I have to walk sideways through doors.

As a professional athlete and United States Marine, staying within a certain weight category improves my chances for championships, titles and promotions…it also helps me run much faster for much longer periods of time for some of the tests I have to take in the military.

Unfortunately, I have a bit a vanity that I have to reveal…I do not like my t-shirts to fit loosely around my arms.

I would buy shmedium shirts, but then every shirt I wore, wouldn’t cover my belly button.

So I have decided there is a circumference of arm size that I cannot let me arms fall below…no matter how much I have to cut weight.

I want biceps and triceps that make each shirt sleeve beg for a seamstress to let them out.

Good thing, I train battle ropes, which creates massive pump, and would probably increase the size of my arms even bigger, if I didn’t have to keep my calories below a certain amount.

If you are looking for massive arms and enormous pump, check out these nine battle ropes moves, but make sure you grip hard on the rope and give each exercise every bit that you got…otherwise you will be cursed with your wimpy noodle arms for the rest of your days. 

Whether you work one or two of these in at the end of a good arm, back, chest, or upper body day, or you perform these exercises as your arm, back, chest, and upper body day, you will not leave the gym disappointed.

Actually, you should find the nearest beach during your prime pump hours to show off what you have just created–a gnarly case of swolliosis.

But seriously, if you are looking for big triceps, bigger biceps, and the biggest pump you have ever felt, check out these battle ropes exercises above.