How to Do Kettlebell Workout for Fat Loss

Kettlebell Workout

How to do Kettlebell Workout for Fat Loss 

Kettlebells can do almost anything to your body that you want them to do. The key is mastering a few key principles of movement, knowing the rep range you need to perform and a good diet. When you combine these things, kettlebells will do for your body what you want them to do.

How to do Kettlebell Workout for Fat Loss

The key to burning fat with any type of equipment is the rep range and intensity you perform during your workout. For an ideal workout, you want to use multiple kettlebells ranging from light to heavy to get the best results. You can work with double kettlebells (two of the same weight), but it is not entirely necessary. 

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Track Your Progress

Tracking your progress is key to reaching any fitness goal. You need to be able to know what type of progress you are making week over week in repeatable workouts for comparison. If you are trying new workouts each week, it can be harder to know if you are making progress because you do not have anything to compare your progress to.  Haphazardly performing each session without any thought of the previous sessions will only lead to random results. 

If your goal is to get stronger then the focus needs to be on using more weight and more reps at higher intensities each week. If the goal is fat loss then the focus must be on caloric intake and calorie expenditure through intensity and higher rep ranges. Without a caloric deficit, zero pounds are coming off. But when there’s a caloric deficit AND progress through intensity magic happens.

The Turbo Fat Loss Workout

For purposes of this article we will guide you through what a good fat loss workout with kettlebells should look like. This is from the Turbo Fat Loss workout by Living.Fit. A good fat loss workout should meet specific goals as mentioned above and be added with a good nutrition plan.

All good workouts should have a good warm up. The purpose of the warm up is to prime you both mentally and physically for the workout ahead. This should lead to more effective and safer workouts. 

For this workout, here are your protocols:

10 seconds between exercises / Hit pause to rest as needed between sets / 3 Sets

  1. Up Dog to Down Dog
  2. Rock n Rolls
  3. Around the Body to Stop

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Up Dog to Down Dog

In the Down Dog position make sure to drive your shoulders back by gripping the ground, push your chest down to the ground and drive your hips back with an anterior pelvic tilt. As you transition to up dog, elongate your neck and make sure you are not shrugging.  Drive your hips to the ground, but keep your hips off the ground and push into the ground. Transition back and forth. When in down dog position, try to get your heels to the ground, if you cannot, alternate them back and forth

Rock n Rolls

Keep yourself in a nice compact round position. You do not want to land flat on your back. Roll from the difference from your hip to your upper mid back. Do not come up onto your cervical spine or neck, keep it to your hips to mid back. This is to mobilize the spine and get you ready for your workout ahead.

Around the Body to Stop

As you transition around the body, keep yourself nice and tall with your shoulders down and your core tight. As you switch hands, keep both hands on the kettlebell. Let the kettlebell rotate around, as you come around stop the momentum with your opposite hand. Keep your shoulders packed and lats engaged to keep stress off your shoulders.

Circuit 1 of Turbo Fat Loss Workout

Rest 15 seconds between movements / Hit pause to rest as needed between sets / 4 Sets

  1. Alternating Single Rep Clean
  2. Alternating Single Kettlebell Row
  3. Overhead Back Lunge - Left
  4. Overhead Back Lunge - Right

Alternating Single Rep Clean

Maintain that long spine as you perform this exercise. Get into a strong hinge, hike the kettlebell and use your hips to stand up nice and tall with a loose grip to let the kettlebell rotate around the forearm. You will reset this movement each time by setting the kettlebell on the floor and then repeating with the other hand. Reset each time and repeat. Tilt the kettlebell back towards you in the starting position to pull more explosively when you start. Keep your shoulders above the hips, keep the kettlebell tight to your body on the way up.

Alternating Single Kettlebell Row

Keep a rigid torso as you pull so you do not round with the pressure of the kettlebell. As you pull up, shift your weight. Keep a slight hinge at the waist. Make sure you can shift side to side with your weight. Switch hands as you pull up. You can also do a more controlled movement where you are simply setting the kettlebell down each time and picking up with the other kettlebell. 

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Overhead Back Lunge

Load the kettlebell to the same side you are lunging back with. If the kettlebell is in your left hand, that means your right leg goes back so your left leg stays forward and lunges. Keep your arm overhead, lock out your shoulder and elbow. Engage your shoulder and lat and depress your shoulder as best you can to keep your shoulder packed to keep it safe and stable. This movement does require overhead mobility, if you do not have that, perform this movement in the racked position as opposed to overhead. As you lunge back, your back leg should be at ninety degrees and the front leg stays about the same. Both legs should have knees over toes. Do not rest your knee on the ground, ideally keep it off the ground, but if it does touch, do not let it rest there. Drive equally with both feet as you come up.

Circuit 2 of Turbo Fat Loss Workout

Rest 15 seconds between movements / Hit pause to rest as needed between sets / 4 Sets

  1. One Arm Rotational Swing - Left
  2. Roll Over to Push Up
  3. One Arm Rotational Swing - Right
  4. Spiderman Push Up

One Arm Rotational Swing

Keep your back straight as you hinge, even as you have rotation you are not allowing yourself to flex under the pressure. As you hinge back, one hip, the opposite hip of the kettlebell should rise, creating the space for the rotation. Now as one hip rises, the other leg is going to slide forward letting the hip drop down which will open up the torso.  This is going to allow you as you come forward to focus on the leg that is straightened, that side is going to fire a little bit faster creating a faster hip and rotation. This takes rotation and makes it applicable to sports where the rotation is coming from the ground, not just the spine. Combine this with the upper body by holding onto the bill, maintain that rigidity so you do not round under pressure.

Roll Over to Push Up

Try to start the momentum with your hips. Use as little hands and feet as possible. When you get into the push up position or your chest on the ground, you will need some shoulder mobility to perform the push up from this position. Maintain tension throughout your anterior core during this movement. This will help you build full body strength.

Spiderman Push Up

Keep a rigid torso as you do this so as to not allow your hips to come down. As you drop down you are going to bring your knee to your elbow as best you can. As you push up, extend your leg to go back into the top of the push up position. If you have the core strength to bring the knee to the elbow, but not at the same time as the movement, you can make these two separate movements in a sequence as opposed to performing this all at once.

Cool Down

Every good workout should have a decompression session and this is no different. Make sure to follow a variety of stretches and movements on the muscles you just used. You can follow along with this full decompression session.

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Now Try the Workout!

You have everything you need above to perform this workout if you want to give it a try and start burning off fat. You can follow the sets and rep recommendations above. Either set a rep goal or if you have a timer you can set that up for your work sets. In the event you prefer a bit more to follow along with, you can check out the Turbo Fat Loss plan. When you follow the plan it has audio and video cues to help you through the workout and it includes a movement library to teach you new movements with more in depth instructions.  In this particular workout plan, you will have 5 days a week of different workouts along with a couple of rest and recovery days. Each workout will be different and is designed to get you sweating to shed fat and build lean muscle.


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