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Turbo Fat Loss


30 Day Program

You can follow along with recorded workout sessions or download the tracker and perform the workouts on your own by reading the protocols. Comes with full length workout demonstrations and movement library for both formats!

You Will Need:  

  • At least one kettlebell. If you have multiple kettlebells use a lighter bell for higher reps and a heavier bell for lower reps. If you only have one kettlebell, in this plan we demonstrate how to increase tension or slow down reps to mimic heavier weights.

This program was designed to maximize fat loss while still building explosive strength and power. You’ll need a couple of kettlebells (one lighter and one heavier) to get the best results with this program, but it can be one with one kettlebell. We provide explicit how to's inside the program to operate with one or two kettlebells. 

This purchase includes access to follow along workout videos and a workout tracker to monitor your progress or follow if you do not want to follow videos. Haphazardly performing each session without any thought of the previous sessions will only lead to random results, make sure to use the tracker for your progress.

If your goal is to get stronger then the focus needs to be on using more weight and more reps. If the goal is fat loss then the focus must be on caloric intake. Without a caloric deficit zero pounds are coming off.  But when there’s a caloric deficit AND progress through intensity magic happens.

Each Workout Session Includes:

  • Mobility Warm Up
  • Primer
  • Circuits
  • Decompression 

Weekly Schedule Example:

  • Monday - Workout
  • Tuesday - Workout
  • Wednesday - Workout
  • Thursday - Active Recovery
  • Friday - Workout
  • Saturday - Workout
  • Sunday - Active Recovery

Workout Sample:

 The Movements Included: 

  • Single Rep Double Clean
  • Sprawl Pushup 
  • Alternating Row
  • Alternating Back Lunge
  • Swing
  • Snatch 
  • One Arm Push up Hold 
  • Many more!

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