Kettlebell Advanced Instructor Course - LF3

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Course Info:

  • Equipment Needed: One kettlebell that you can press overhead 
  • Earn Designation of 'Kettlebell Advanced Specialist' designation
    • No renewals required to maintain over time
  • Duration: 16 Hours. Take at your own pace. No time limit.
  • User Level: Advanced
  • Pre-requisite: Kettlebell Fundamentals
  • Best Program to Do After This Course: Battle Ropes Advanced Course
  • Includes: When you purchase this, get a downloadable PDF of the course manual as well as online access to videos for each section  + listing on our instructor directory
  • Complete a multiple choice assessment at the end to obtain your proof of completion. You can take the assessment multiple times and review against videos.
  • Earn proof of completion with Pre Approved CEU/CEC (providers below)
  • Earn CEUs
  • 16 hours of coursework to complete at your own pace, no time limit
Test Out.This course contains a 2 hour physical test out with instructor via live stream or in person. The test DOES NOT contain a proof of strength or reps. The test out is designed to demonstrate you can perform movements accurately as well as coach others to do them.

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More About This Course

The goal of this course is to teach solid fundamentals of safe and effective kettlebell lifting and put you on the path of building strength and fluid movement techniques with kettlebells. While most kettlebell course focus on front and back planes of motion, we expand past the traditional movements into rotational movements and lateral planes of motion for true full body strength building. What makes a kettlebell so powerful the ability to transition from different planes and angles quickly making you a resilient more competent mover in more than just front and back motion. We go into more rotational work as well as the break down of flow and how it pertains to athletic endeavors. It is also a ton of fun!

The Living.Fit Designation Path:

The Living.Fit Designation Path:

Approved For Education By

CEU's Earned

AFAA: Living.Fit is recognized by the Athletics and Fitness
Association of America as an Approved Continuing Education Provider. 6 AFAA CEUs for this course

NASM: Living.Fit is recognized by the National Academy of Sports Medicine as an Approved Continuing Education Provider. 0.5 NASM CEUs for this course.

NCSF: Living.Fit is recognized as an Approved Continuing Education Provider.
6 CEUs for Advanced Course

ISSA: Living.Fit is recognized as an Approved Continuing Education Provider.
16 CEUs for Advanced Course

ACE: Living.Fit is recognized as an Approved Continuing Education Provider
1.6 CEUs for Advanced Course

What Participants Say

What Participants Say

"This course has lead to me feeling extremely confident with a kettlebell in my hand and while moving. I’m excited to further my knowledge through more courses. Great instructor and content 👌"

"I'm so glad I took this course. I've taken two other Kettlebell trainer workshops/certifications in my time as a fitness instructor, but this has been such a thorough training of the basics - I learned so much! The "press" module alone was a master class! :) Thank you so much."

"This course was a very good introduction to proper form in the basic principles of training with kettle bells. Training clients or for your own development, learning the basics of hinge, swing, clean and press will help in advancing any kind of strength training."



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You can follow on desktop, mobile device or print out our PDFs to follow at your convenience


Because our programs can be accessed on any device, you can do these workouts at home, at the gym or anywhere


Account Sharing is not allowed. Each person viewing or taking the course must purchase a unique login.


No. Although this course is taken primarily by trainers, this is our entry level course designed for anyone who wants to have a better understanding about how to move better with kettlebells.


When you sign up, you will receive an email links to your manuals and with instructions or you can simply go to, click 'Sign In' and create an account with the email address you purchased with. Your content will be waiting for you. If you have purchased the course, you can view this knowledge base article. Here is how to access your manuals.