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5 Reasons to Use Adjustable Dumbbells

Reasons to Use Adjustable Dumbbells

Adjustable dumbbells can be a game changer for home gym owners.

If you have a home gym, then there are some items that should be considered “must-haves.” Those may include a squat rack, barbells, and weight plates. You need an adjustable bench too. Following that foundation, the next item on your agenda should be adjustable dumbbells. 

Fixed dumbbells are fine to have, and they can certainly help you get better, but adjustable dumbbells provide so many more benefits than going with fixed weights or even plate-loaded handles. Adjustable dumbbells can provide five extra benefits to your home and personal fitness program that the other options simply can’t.

Let’s Us Know the Benefits of Adjustable Dumbbells 

Access to Multiple Weights

If you have only a pair of fixed dumbbells, then you’re limited in how you can train. You might be able to do a lateral raise with that weight, but what if you want to do a flat dumbbell press or a one arm row? Your chest and lats are bigger than your side delts, so chances are you’re going to be stronger in those areas. Having a heavier pair of dumbbells would come in handy.

Adjustable dumbbells have several weight options to choose from. For example, Living Fit’s adjustable dumbbells have five weights ranging from 15 to 55 pounds. So, all you would have to do is make the adjustment, which wouldn’t take more than a few seconds, and you’re ready to go with new weight. 

Furthermore, you can add intensity boosters such as drop sets into your routine. You can start with 55 pounds on a shoulder press, then change the weight down to 35, and keep going. 

Another example could be supersets. You could perform incline dumbbell presses with one weight, then change to a lighter option for a second exercise like dumbbell flyes. That little bit of variety can breathe new life into what may be a mundane training program.

You Can Focus on Getting Stronger

Many trainees don’t simply want to look better, they want to be better. In this case, I’m talking about getting stronger. Going back to the fixed dumbbell example, there are only so many ways that you can use one weight to increase strength. You can do more reps, slow down the tempo, and even do pauses at the top and bottom of each rep. Eventually, however, that weight is simply not going to be enough.

If you have adjustable dumbbells, you can simply move up to the next weight, which would serve as your next challenge to improve. If you work with 15 pounds on dumbbell curls, then you can see what you can do with 25 pounds. If you were working with fixed dumbbells, you would have to go buy that next pair of 20’s or 25’s to use the next time you train.

They Take Up Less Space and Time

If you were to go out and buy that next pair of heavier dumbbells, then you need to find a place to store them. That might be ok with two pairs of weights, but what if you repeated that process every time you needed new dumbbells? Eventually, you will need to create space and maybe even buy a dumbbell rack to keep them on. If you keep them on the floor, you may trip over them, or they could interfere with another exercise you’re doing.

The adjustable dumbbells not only provide those same weights you would buy fixed at a store, but they also can be kept in the same space without having to make room. One pair of handles can provide you with several options without the extra room commitment. That extra space could be more room to move around or for the extra equipment you have your eye on.

Beyond that, they can even save you time in the weight room. If you were using plate-loaded handles, then you would need to unlock the collars, add or remove the plates you need to change, then reapply the collars before getting back to work. Adjustable dumbbells work with a simple adjustment, so you can make the most out of that rest time by actually resting. If you’re trying to get a productive workout on a busy schedule, then you know that every minute you save is precious. 

Easier on the Wallet 

Speaking of extra equipment, going with adjustable dumbbells would allow you to spend that hard-earned money on other equipment such as kettlebells, cardio equipment, and more. Think of buying fitness equipment as a personal investment into yourself. If you were to buy five separate pairs of dumbbells, then you would be spending significantly more money than if you were to “buy once, cry once” by going all in on the adjustable dumbbells. If you were buying those weights at the store, then there’s the traveling to go get them. If you order them online, then you may be paying shipping costs each time you hit the order button. Which do you think would be better on both your fitness and your paycheck?

You Can Pursue Any Fitness Goal You Like

Let’s talk about why you would be buying adjustable dumbbells to begin with. You want to get in better shape. What is your goal right now? Do you want to get leaner, stronger, or bigger? Is muscular endurance a priority, or are you training for a sport? Regardless of the goal you have in mind, adjustable dumbbells can help you get closer to making those goals your reality. They are more versatile than a barbell because you control the range of motion, and you can focus on each limb individually so you can have both balanced strength and symmetry. 


If you’re planning out a home gym and want to make a longstanding commitment to yourself, then buying adjustable dumbbells are the way to go at the end of the day. They will save you money, you can have multiple weights within a single purchase, they take up less space, can help you achieve more than one level of personal fitness success, and you can continue to use them as you progress on your fitness journey. In the long run, you’ll be glad you have them once they arrive at your door and you put them to good use.

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