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Dumbbell Sets


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Dumbbell Sets of Pairs

Each set contains two each of the weights within the set in 5 Lb Increments.

  • GUARANTEE: Weight tolerance guarantee to within 3% of stated weight
  • HANDLE DIAMETERS: 1.3 Inches for all dumbbells
  • QUALITY: Solid cast dumbbell encased in rubber. Protect your floor!
  • TEXTURE: Textured handle for easy grip
  • PAIRS: These dumbbells are sold as pairs
  • SHAPE: Perform stable floor movements without rolling due to hexagon shape
  • WORKOUTS: Get muscle building and fat burning workout ideas for Living.Fit!

Set Breakdowns:

  • 5-50 Lb Set. Two each 5-50 Lb Dumbbells in 5 Lb Increments
  • 5-75 Lb Set. Two each 5-75 Lb Dumbbells in 5 Lb Increments
  • 5-100 Lb Set. Two each 5-100 Lb Dumbbells in 5 Lb Increments
  • 55-75 Lb Set. Two each 55-75 Lb Dumbbells in 5 Lb Increments
  • 80-100 Lb Set. Two each 80-100 Lb Dumbbells in 5 Lb Increments

dumbbell pairs

What is Important?

There are hundreds of online sellers of fitness products. We focus on high quality products and creating the best experience possible. Our team has decades of experience in service and fitness to support you. We understand that high quality and creating a pristine experience is what makes the difference for you. We are here to answer your questions both pre and post purchase. We also have greats workout ideas in the shipment you receive

Workout Anywhere

Take your dumbbells with for a workout anywhere! Rubber encased dumbbells won't roll around as easy or clank together in transport!