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How To Do Goblet Squats With Dumbbells

Goblet Squats are an awesome addition to any workout whether its at the gym or at home!

How to Do Goblet Squats

So we're going to take our dumbbell and we're going to hold it parallel with our torso, both hands on the outsides, cupping that end of the dumbbell and pulling the elbows in.

One of the things we want to look for here is we don't want that funky chicken elbow here. We want those elbows in that core nice and tight. We want to stay pretty erect.

We're going to maximize our hip flexion maximize our knee flexion keep our heels on the ground as we descend down and return back up again in the dumbbell goblet squat.

Why Do Goblet Squats?

Goblet squats offer several advantages over traditional squats and other squat variations, making them a valuable exercise in many workout routines. Here are some of the benefits of goblet squats compared to other squat variations.

Goblet squats are often easier to learn and perform with proper form compared to barbell back squats or front squats. The goblet position encourages a more upright posture, reducing the risk of rounding your back, which is common in some other squat variations. With that said it also leads to better core engagement. Holding a dumbbell or kettlebell close to your chest in the goblet position requires significant core engagement to maintain stability. This can help strengthen your core muscles.

On top of this they're super versatile and easy to have access to. Goblet squats can be adapted to various fitness levels. You can use a lighter weight for beginners and progressively increase the weight as you become more advanced. The exercise can be customized to suit your needs and goals. They can be performed with a single dumbbell or kettlebell, making them accessible for anyone and anywhere without the need of a squat rack or barbell.

Goblet squats also help improve hip and ankle mobility, which is essential for proper squat form. This can be particularly helpful if you have limited mobility in these areas so Gobs are a great source to help increase your mobility which is great for functional strength! Gobs simulate real-life movements, such as picking up objects from the ground. This makes them a functional exercise that can improve your ability to perform everyday tasks more effectively.

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