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Why is Mobility Important for Training?

Jumping into a workout without some kind of warmup is about as smart as starting your car and then hitting the pedal to the medal. When it comes to warming up there are many ways to give it a go. From some light calisthenics, to steady state cardio, to warm up sets before big lifts, but our favorite is joint mobility training. 

Mobility training through dynamic joint mobility drills or using a more in depth system such as FRC will prepare and lubricate the joints before putting them through the rigors of strength training. 

Mobility drills allow you to assess where your body is at the given time so you have a map to move through. It’s not just about your muscles, ligaments, and tendons. It’s also about your nervous system so putting each joint complex through the ranges you feel comfortable with will allow you to push harder through your session or scale back where you should. 


It’s important to find the capacity that you have so that you don’t overexert yourself in a position that you’re not prepared for. Mobility drills will allow you to communicate with your body in a more in depth way then simply jumping on a treadmill. 

A great drill for you to try is Aaron’s lunge matrix. You’ll be stepping through multiple positions putting your foot, knee and ankle through some light stress while combining it with and upper body driver giving you a fantastic full body warmup drill. 

The key is to find what works for you that will properly prepare your body for whatever session you plan on throwing at it! Be consistent with whatever you choose, and assess if it’s helping or hindering your session. From experience, we promise that dedicated mobility training before your sessions and throughout the day will do nothing more than make you move and feel better than ever while being incredibly aware of your body’s capabilities

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