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How To Do Dumbbell Half Kneeling Chops | Movement Breakdown

Improve Core Strength With Dumbbell Half Kneeling Chops

How To Do Chops

To properly do a half kneeling chop, we're going to assume a half kneeling position. Whatever knee is down, that hand has the dumbbell.

Take the opposite hand and go on to cup that hand. Once you do that, you should feel like you rotate towards that down knee hip a little bit. That's okay. That's the point.

What we don't want is that rotation to occur in your hips and for them to sit back. Instead, keep your glutes squeezed and feel that oblique come across.

What we're going to do from that position is bring the dumbbell up and across the body in a chopping motion, and then return back down again.

Want to make this harder? Bring the arms further away from the body to the point that your arms are almost straight. The further away that dumbbell gets, the harder this becomes.

Who Benefits The Most From This?

Athletes in sports like golf, tennis, baseball, or combat sports will benefit greatly from this exercise as it involves a significant amount of rotational movement.

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