Battle Ropes Benefits, Basics, and Biggest Mistakes

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how to use battle ropes

More About Free Battle Rope Tips:

For those that only see battle ropes as an upper body finisher, you are missing out on all of the other benefits. For those that only see it as a fad, forget that ropes have been with humanity since the dawn of human existence, and are only going to become more commonplace in gyms and training around the world, because of the history with humanity and many advantages.

Don't have a battle rope? Don't worry! Inside we cover substitutes you can use in place of battle ropes if you are interested in pursuing more with battle ropes, but don't own one.

    Topics Include, but Not Limited to:

    • What are the benefits of battle ropes?
    • What do battle ropes do?
    • How do you build strength with a battle rope?
    • How do you burn fat with a battle rope?
    • What size rope do I need?
    • What are the biggest mistakes people make with battle ropes?

    Aaron Guyett had the pleasure of learning how to increase velocity and sustain velocity with John Brookfield, using his Battling Ropes Level 1 and 2. He then hit the books and discovered that wave physics mimics the mechanical physics that are used to create adaptations and results for clients and customers with bodyweight, kettlebells, dumbbells, barbells, etc. Which became a windfall for his own training and all of his clients and customers’ training programs. He was able to take a tool that most people think is a fad or an upper body conditioning tool, and turn it into a results achievement tool, whether you are trying to lose fat, gain strength, increase endurance, build muscle, improve athleticism, or increase speed and power. And do it in all planes of motion for all body parts and all basic human movements like squat, hinge, push, pull, walk, run, carry, and rotate.

    Don’t be the person that underutilizes this incredible tool, and don’t make the 3 biggest mistakes.

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    Waylon Myer
    There's more to Battle Ropes than meets the eye...

    This course will open your eyes to the versatility of Battle Ropes and allow you incorporate them into your workouts and your clients workouts to increase strength and conditioning in a time efficient manner.

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    This should be a paid for course

    There was way more information than I was expecting, and most things that I didn't know.

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    Jay Perkins
    I never knew!

    Lots of helpful tips I never knew!

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