When Were Battle Ropes Invented?

Battle Ropes

Battle Ropes are ropes used to improve fitness capacity in a myriad of different movement patterns and power outputs and methods of use.

When And Where Did Ropes Come From?

It is estimated that ropes have been used in human history for longer than clay, iron, bronze, and steel. Most likely humans have been braiding or twisting animal hair or plant fibers together to transfer human force to objects, animals, and constructed items since the dawn of man and woman.

There is evidence of rope twisting tools that date back 28,000 years ago, according to Meredith F. Small (April 2002), "String theory: the tradition of spinning raw fibers dates back 28,000 years. (At The Museum).", Natural History, 111.3: 14(2).

There is recorded history of Egyptians using ropes to pull heavy objects (build pyramids), bind heavy and loose objects/people, tie off animals, and help sail boats from approximately 4000 to 3500 BC received on September 9, 2019.

Ancient Egyptian artwork depicting the manufacture of rope by mechanical means. (Public Domain, File:Ancient Egypt rope manufacture.jpg, Created: 17 January 2006 via https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Ancient_Egypt_rope_manufacture.jpg)

When Were Battle Ropes Invented?

Battle Ropes were first introduced into the fitness industry in the year of 2010 as Power Ropes and Battling Ropes System by a man named John Brookfield. John Brookfield is an acclaimed fitness inventor, strong man, record-holder, and just an incredibly nice gentleman. When he is interviewed, he will tell you that the Lord introduced him to the ropes by showing him the power and grace of water. So he took some very heavy and thick and long ropes, and turned them into a tool to increase power capacity for himself. He then realized there are people and athletes that could improve capacity and power-endurance through their use.  John Brookfield then travelled the country teaching his Battling Rope and Power Ropes system to many athletes, professional sports teams, and fitness summits. He is still creating incredible lessons with battle ropes and more!

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Why Did It Take Ropes So Long To Become Battle Ropes?

If ropes have been used since the dawn of humankind, why did it take so long for them to be used as a fitness tool? I can only guess as to the reasons. First, fitness as a human need or even health necessity is fairly recent. Humans have been very very mobile and active for most of our existence, so even other fitness tools are pretty recent in comparison to human history. Although humans have competed in fitness type movements or exercises. Most of these have centered around more easily measured power outputs (either in endurance forms or explosive power forms). Think man on man fighting (where one man is victorious over the other, because of death, quitting, or being mamed...these forms have only recently been regulated, and made minutely safer). Or think of men and women running a distance, to be crowned victorious...back in antiquity, only the winner mattered...there was no second place. Now, tug-of-war, has been happening since antiquity, or at least the 12th century, but what other rope feats have existed?

  • Lassoing (done as a way to round up animals)
  • Rope Breaking (being tied up and breaking free)
  • Rope pulling (done as a feat of strength and of slavery)
  • Rope Climbing (performed as a warrior strength and stealth feat in battles) 

Second, most trainers, clinicians, professors, and coaches do not know how to measure power output in wave form.

Over the last century the fitness industry and academia has fallen into the grove of either weightlifting or body weight running, jumping, etc. as the way to produce force or power output for adaptations.

If we don't know what we don't know, then it is easy to keep doing the things that we know...especially if they work.

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Third, we have been using ropes to get stronger, and build our power output.

We have just been using them in their traditional environments for these results.

Think Popeye the sailor man, or the cowboy, or the ninja, or every kid in gym class that could climb the rope with ease (circa 1980's and further back).

These images conjure up strong, sleek, wiry men that pack a punch, yet don't have extra weight to slow them down.

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Battle Ropes Have Just Begun In The Fitness Industry

Partly because of humanity's long history with ropes, and partly because of the effectiveness, versatility, and power of battle ropes, they will be around for a long time to come.

It is my belief that battle ropes have just begun their long and illustrious relationship with the fitness industry and exercise physiology/kinesiology.

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