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Battle Ropes Continuing Education Level 1

Level 1 is designed for complete beginners to battle ropes. If you are more experienced you can sign up here to sample some of Level 2 or dive right into battle rope movement demos and workouts in Levels 2 and 3:

Free 50+ page Battle Ropes E-book with subscription and bonus tips with how-to videos for improving your battle ropes training. Living.Fit's Battle Ropes Continuing Education Level I delivers all of the content below and it is free! 


  • Battle Ropes Level 1
    • 50+ page E-book explaining the best way to train with the battle rope
    • 35+ Frequently Asked Questions
    • 30+ Benefits of Battle Ropes
    • 3 Biggest Mistakes and How to Fix Them
    • A Follow Along Workout Sample
    • Bonus Material
    • A Certificate of Completion if you complete the whole level

Also included today is:

  • Getting Started in Kettlebells 
  • Short Demonstrations in:
    • Sleep
    • Mindset
    • Hydration
    • Stretching
    • Nutrition
    • Recovery
  • Week 1 of 30 Day Kettlebell Program
  • Kettlebells 4 Aesthetics

What People Are Saying:

“Aaron was absolutely exceptional! He has such a great understanding of the battle rope and human anatomy/physiology that he can speak to the most advanced people confidently, but can also dumb the material down enough for beginners. Really great class!”


“I'll be using all this information all the time--particularly the breakdown of output/rest ratios, and guidelines for training. I appreciate the variety in the different programs and the methodologies behind the various programs. Also, the variety of exercises will help me to always keep training interesting. I can't wait to practice more!””