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Are you ready to level up your training?

As a student or coach, I want you to discover even more knowledge through a growing list of exercise demo's, movement breakdowns, and follow-along workouts.

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Video Tutorials

In level 2 we have videos that show exercise demonstrations, movement breakdowns, follow-along workouts, a program to blast fat, a program for bigger arms, and even exercise tutorials from the e-book exercises in level 1.

E-Course and Certificate of Completion

Are you building a resume? Looking for ways to grow your continuing education units or credits? You can earn your Battle Ropes Continuing Education Level 2 Cert here.

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Part of Our Community

Just like level 1, we have a growing community to help you understand the movements, exercises, and workouts better. You can ask a question anytime, and one of the community members are sure to get back to you in no time.



Build on your knowledge today, and get a 30 day free trial of Battle Ropes Continuing Education Level 2


Three Case Studies Showing the Success of Level 2

A couple, a cancer survivor, and a sponsored wake-boarder, use these workouts, exercise demos, and movement breakdowns to get in better shape and improve their life.

Power Couple

Jeff and Sue use the workouts provided here to burn fat, increase strength, build stronger bones, and lose their sedentary lifestyle.

Cancer Survivor

Samantha uses these workouts, exercise demos, and movement breakdowns to improve as a coach and trainer, as well as a way to stay motivated during cancer treatments and after.

Pro Wakeboarder

Ronnie, owner of Defiant Coffee Co, uses these workouts, exercise demos, and movement breakdowns to be a better athlete, dad, and business owner.

Limited Time Offer - 30 Day Free Trial of Battle Ropes Level 2

What you'll get: A Growing List of Exercise Demo's & Movement Breakdowns; A Growing List of Follow-along Workouts Bonus Level 2 Videos, Podcasts, and Programs; A Certificate of Completion for Passing the Level 2 Assessment.; Apply and receive CEU's/CEC's; Continued Access to level 1; Plus, additional workouts with the battle ropes and kettlebells.


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