Single Kettlebell or Double Kettlebells?

Single Kettlebell or Double Kettlebells?

The only thing that’s more powerful than kettlebell training for getting you stronger, leaner and more athletic is...two kettlebells!

It’s easy to get swept up into the vastness of kettlebell training and all of its many benefits. Once you get one, you’ll want another and then another. Some factors to consider when using kettlebells is your proficiency with the different movements. 

Single bell kettlebell exercises (especially the ballistic movements) are far more technical than traditional exercises and two bells adds to the difficulty. The first step is to make sure you can execute single kettlebell exercises with precision and control. Single bell work is great for adding in hand to hand exercises, flow and rotation. Just by using the one bell you’ll create a need for greater stability to avoid leaning or folding under the pressure of the weight helping you build incredible core strength.

Adding a second bell will definitely add to the overall load allowing you to build strength and muscle a little easier. Double cleans, squats, snatches, etc are all phenomenal for building a more powerful athlete. 

As you add a second bell you’ll have to take into account

  1. Your foot position and stance - you’ll have to go wider than with single bell work
  2. Your breath and core control - as the bells are racked it makes it significantly more difficult to maintain controlled breathing as you’ll be compressing your diaphragm. Starting with lighter weight will help you get used to that as well as maintaining core stability to not overload your lower back

If you’re new to kettlebells, start with the basic movements with a single bell. Once you feel competent add another bell to add some intensity to your program! 

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