5 Reasons Why I Prefer Death Grips Over Weightlifting Straps

5 Reasons Why I Prefer Death Grips Over Weightlifting Straps

Although I prefer to use my own grip 95% of the time, I do find benefits in using lifting straps when necessary.

Like that one time I tore a ligament in my left ring finger and I had to keep it in a split for 8 weeks.

Thanks to lifting straps I was able to continue training my upper body (for pull days).

And yes, those cases are not a common use for lifting straps but it saved me from using the injury as an excuse to not workout.

But mainly for exercises like deadlifts and rows where I can load up a lot of weight and my grip strength is bound to fail before my back muscles.

So here are 5 reasons why I prefer using JerkFit Death Grips over regular weight lifting straps.

Superior Grip

Death Grips have a thick rubber strap that provides great grip on the bar, so there’s less chances of slipping, and I can feel a solid hold during lifts. 

I notice this the most when deadlifting cause I can grip the bar easily and all my focus goes to the lift not my grip.

Ergonomic Design 

Death Grips have a comfortable pad and I can velcro them down tightly.

The ergonomic design helps reduce my hand fatigue so I can keep my intensity for longer periods of time.

And the short rubber pad makes them much faster to wrap around a bar then weightlifting straps.

Multiple Uses

I can use Death Grips for more than just deadlifts.

While I had my finger injury, Death Grips came in clutch so that I could keep doing pull ups and rows.

The short rubber grip design makes it easy to wrap around a pull up bar or cable attachments and I can transition quickly between exercises when doing super sets.


JerkFit Death Grips’ high grade PVC (made with car grade rubber) is built to last and can take on the heaviest workouts I’ve thrown at them so they’ll last longer than regular straps. 

Although they’re more expensive than weightlifting straps I’ve bought before, they’ve lasted longer so they’re more cost effective in the long run.

Enhanced Performance 

Death Grips’ design provides a consistent level of performance enhancement regardless of training style.

Whether I’m doing regular weightlifting or cross training, these lifting straps give me an awesome grip on all types of exercises.

Unlike regular weightlifting straps that can loosen or wear out quickly, Death Grips have maintained their grippiness.


While both JerkFit Death Grips and regular weightlifting straps work to give me a better grip and support during lifting, Death Grips feel more comfortable, are easy to use, and last longer. 

Compared to regular weightlifting straps, Death Grips are more advanced and have significantly improved my heavy pulls. 

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