The Three Biggest Mistakes When Using Battle Ropes

Biggest Mistakes When Using Battle Ropes

I am sure you have seen this all the time on Instagram or YouTube.

You may even be doing one or all of these mistakes with your battle rope.

I know I did, when I first starting creating waves with the ropes.

It is easy to do, when you don't understand how the waves create force for improved power, strength, or endurance.

These are the three biggest mistakes when using the battle ropes:

  • Too Much Tension In Your Battle Rope

  • Gripping Too Hard

  • Bending Down Too Far "Taco'ing"

Excessive Tension in Battle Ropes

We mainly use resistance to train, like weights, dumbbells, etc., so it feels weird when we don't have to immediately fight the tool's tension. This is usually why there is too much tension in your battle ropes, either that, or you want your waves to move down the rope easier (but easier doesn't mean you are getting stronger).


When we have too much tension, or we are not familiar with a tool, our body tends to overcompensate with too much muscular engagement. This is the same with the rope. The tension from mistake number one, is creating mistake number two. We also tend to over-grip to compensate for a lack of neural understanding of movement patterns or force production.

The Impact of These Mistakes

These first two also lead to the last biggest mistake, bending down at the hips to counter-balance all of the tension between you and the anchor through the rope. If you don't stick that butt out, you will likely fly forward.

Correcting These Mistakes


You make these small corrections to the three biggest mistakes.

  1. Take a step (or three) forward.
  2. Loosen up the grip.
  3. Stand tall when you make your waves.

Benefits of Correcting the Mistakes

By taking a step forward you do two things. First you give your body, muscles, and joints room to move how they are supposed to move in order to create strong and sexy waves. Second, you actually create the opportunity to produce more power output, which is what is going to make you more powerful, stronger, or increase your endurance.

Proper Grip Technique

To loosen up your grip, but not lose the battle rope, try gripping the rope like it is your favorite hamster. Don't squeeze it to death, but don't let it escape your grip.

Importance of Standing Tall

Standing tall is exactly what we should be doing most of the day, and in most of our training. This vertical core strengthening position will not only look more attractive, but it will make you much more functionally strong throughout your entire core (from your hips to your shoulders).

Now that you are aware of the three biggest mistakes and the easy ways to fix them, help all of your friends on instagram and youtube, by sharing this article, or at least giving them some helpful cueing.

Enjoy your battle ropes, and make your next one your best one!

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