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Sauna Benefits and How to Maximize Results

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Today's Topics Cover:

  • Is Sleeping After a Workout Beneficial?

  • What are the best sauna practices?

  • Does running give you abs?

Does sleeping after a workout mitigate its results or improve the recovery process?

Aside from the difficulty that may occur in trying to fall asleep after a workout, it would be a great way to stimulate the recovery process for improved results. When we workout, our autonomic nervous system is put into a sympathetic state--think freeze, flight, and fight, because of the stress to our physiology (needed for physical and mental adaptation). When we sleep, our autonomic nervous system is in the parasympathetic state--think rest and digest, and this state is necessary for improvements in muscle gain, bone strengthening, and mental clarity. Although it may be difficult to fall asleep after a workout, it would be very beneficial for the recovery and adaptation processes.

What are the benefits of using a sauna post-workout? What are the best practices to maximize those benefits?

The main benefit for jumping in the sauna post-workout is to improve recovery by increasing blood flow through vasodilation (increasing the size of the capillaries and blood vessels). A hot sauna for 10 to 20 minutes will improve blood flow, and stimulate the recovery process down to the cellular level. If your cells need to export toxins and bring in fuel for their optimal function an increased flow of blood will improve this process dramatically.

Does running give you defined abs? Do you have to run to have abs?

Yes and no. Does running engage your abdominal muscles and burn calories? Yes. Will this spot-reduce the fat from your abdominal muscles? No. Running and sprinting is our personal favorite to help burn enough calories, and engage your core to show off our abs. However, most ab visibility is happening because of our choices in the kitchen and at the store.

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