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Double Gains: 4 Weeks to Improve Strength & Size


30 Day Program

You can follow along with recorded workout sessions or download the tracker and perform the workouts on your own by reading the protocols. Comes with full length workout demonstrations and movement library for both formats!

This program is designed to help you gain muscle with kettlebells. Ideally, you use a few kettlebells for this program, though we do have video instructions about how to modify for just one kettlebell. This program is designed for awesome mobile experience with follow along workouts and comes with free mobile app access so you can access on any mobile device, your TV or just pop in your headphones and listen to instructions!

  • Advanced kettlebell movements

  • Includes library movements for the workout with instructions

  • Includes: rotational snatches, double kettlebell swings, circular push ups, windmills

  • Expertly created with 15 years of kettlebell training experience

  • Guaranteed to challenge you with new movements you have not tried before

  • Two methods to follow along: - follow along on your TV or mobile device - click through from workout to workout

  • Designed to put on muscle over 4 week period

  • Ideal for those with multiple kettlebells, but can be formatted for to one kettlebell

There are two versions to follow through. Follow Along Workouts & Instructions. If you want to follow on a TV, follow along with a new workout each day like this:

If you want to workout outside or not follow along on a TV, click through on a mobile device which gives your protocol and move through the workout. Additionally, get a workout tracker!

What you'll get:

  • Full-length Follow-along workouts for all 30 days.

  • Workout Tracker

  • Movement library of demonstrations 

  • Movement Demonstrations

  • Introductions and Thorough How-to's 

Who is this program for?  

This is for the advanced kettlebell practitioner who is ready to up their kettlebell flow game. If you’ve mastered the basics then you’re ready for this program. We’ll be hitting all kinds planes and movement patterns so coordination and awareness is key. 

What will you need?

You’ll need a handful of kettlebells ranging from light to moderate to heavy. At least three would be recommended, but two would suffice.

How long is each workout?

Each workout is approximately 45 minutes   

What kind of results can you expect?

You will get leaner and much more mobile during these next few weeks. This is challenging not only on the body, but will open up a mental focus you’ve likely never experienced.  

This is about unleashing the power of double kettlebell exercises. By doubling up you increase the potential strength and size you can gain from kettlebell workouts while staying lean and athletic. You’ll need a few pairs of kettlebells ranging from light to heavy, but be prepared to see some incredible gains in strength and power.

What is Included: 

  • Daily programming to participate in for 4-12 weeks to build muscle with kettlebell movements

  • Written daily protocol and workouts to follow

  • Demonstrations of each movement with detailed written and verbal cues about how to maximally perform

  • Interact with the master trainer in the questions and comments sections to get answers to your questions about the program or reaching your goals.

Movements in Program: 

  • Beast Clean

  • Circular Push Up

  • Bent Press

  • Kettlebell Swing

  • Plus way more!

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