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23 Battle Rope Exercises to Burn Fat

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I want to burn more fat!

I want to lose this (pointing to the areas around her torso and thighs)!

What exercises can I do to get rid of this fat?

How do I target the loss of this belly, butt, thigh, arm, back...and the list goes on?

I have heard this at least one thousand times from one thousand different people, and I have bad news and good news.

Bad news first, there is no magic pill or potion to lose body fat...yet.

Good news! There is some simple and very effective ways to burn those unwanted pounds.

Every single person that has listened to my advice, and followed it, lost the unwanted weight, and every single person, gained an extraordinary amount of confidence, skill, and satisfaction from the process.

I said simple, but simple doesn’t necessarily mean easy. Easy after all is more about your perspective on fitness, nutrition, and exercise (or moving your body in a rhythmic or certain pattern to attain certain physiological and/or physical goals).

Fitness is a loaded word, I get it, but it is only as bad or as good as the person’s attitude, so let’s start with attitude first.

If you know you can achieve something, there is a certain confidence or swagger that you will have with your work, consistency, and actions; however, if you don’t think you can achieve something, there is doubt in your thoughts, words, and actions that keep you from performing the necessary actions and seeing the desired results.

So, first, let’s choose to believe and see your fitness and your fat loss as a completely real possibility. You can do it! It is as simple as taking a few steps toward your fat loss reality each day. One day at a time, you are going to make it, and in a few months, you are going to look back with pride, satisfaction, and joy, thinking to, that was way easier than I thought.

Next, we will talk biggest bang for the buck when it comes to exercise.

Personally, I appreciate the biggest bang for the buck, whether we are talking good food, entertainment, or workout routines to blast fat.

I would much rather spend twenty minutes working hard to lose a few pounds than forty minutes for the same results.

Which is why I put together these 23 battle rope exercises for you to burn fat faster.

I know that your metabolism is a huge reason for your weight, so I have created exercises that help grow your metabolism into a fat-burning machine.

Your lean body mass is what will need to be fed in order for your fat to be shed...did I just rhyme? (sometimes I get a little carried away)

But seriously, let’s focus on your lean body mass, and feed it with the right fuel sources, so the fat is forced to get used up.

You see, if you are eating a healthy standard nutritional meal two to four times per day, and you have built a strong lean body mass fat-burning engine, the fat has only one must become a fuel source, and go away.

These 23 battle rope moves will not only help you eliminate that unwanted weight around your waist, but it will help you build lean, strong muscle in your arms, chest, back, abs and bottom half.

As you use your lean body mass, they will need to be fed fuel to keep them strong and useful...think about them like an engine, and your food and fat is the fuel for the engine. We want to build the engine, and give the body enough food so it can function well, but not too much where it starts storing too much fuel source (fat).

Many people think starvation works too, but the body will then start using both muscle and fat as a fuel source...this is like robbing from Peter to pay Paul, and your family and friends will not be happy with the person that is stealing from herself or himself to try and make money (or lose weight). Think Hangry (Hungry Anger) times ten.

I suggest anywhere from 1600 to 2400 calories per day, but the easiest way to set up your nutrition, is to get the free app MyFitnessPal. It will suggest meals, measure your weight, and set your goals, delivering manageable daily servings of food that keep you from under-eating or overeating.

Along those lines, I also highly recommend you measure your food intake with the handy dandy MyFitnessPal app (I literally make zero dollars by suggesting them, so you know I am telling the I have used them with clients for the past 12 years and it has worked every time they use the app).

With the exercises I am suggesting, you can either perform them in addition to your routine (choose one or two at a time), or use them as a stand-alone power workout to reduce your fat and shed those pounds (choose 3 to 6 at a time, three times per week).


Here are the exercises you’ll be working with (there are videos showing how-to properly execute them, with write-ups on each displaying how to best perform them for fat loss after this list):

  1. Lateral Shuffle with Alternating Waves
  2. Forward and Backward Shuffle with Alternating Waves
  3. Squat with Alternating Waves
  4. Jumping Jack Burpees with Battle Ropes
  5. Split Squats with Rainbows
  6. Reverse Lunges with Rope Slams
  7. Lateral Shuffle with Hooks
  8. Monster Walks
  9. Plank Waves
  10. Sit Throughs
  11. Skater Jumps with Rainbows
  12. Full Body Arcs with Rotating Lunges
  13. Forward Lunges with Outside Circles
  14. Ali Shuffle with In-and-Out Waves
  15. Flutter Kicks with Alternating Waves
  16. Reverse Fly with Plank Hops
  17. Squat Presses
  18. Full-Length Vertical Waves
  19. Full-Length Body Circles
  20. Rope Hops to Reverse Crawls
  21. Rope Rotations to Forward Crawls
  22. Rope Dragon Flags to Clock Drops
  23. Superman Push-ups to Jumping Power Slams to Alternating Waves with Fast Feet

Some of these may take some continuous work to build up to, but most of these are very low impact, yet pack an enormous calorie-burning punch.

If you are doing these exercises by themselves, pick three to six that you know you can do, and perform them for 10-40 seconds each, with minimal rest for 5 to 10 rounds.

To burn fat as a fuel source while you are training the intensity level is going to be lower, and the duration is going to be longer (think 30% to 70% perceived exertion, for several minutes at a time). My favorite for aerobic capacity is 50% perceived exertion for 3-5 minutes. Rest for one minute and the hit it again. You should be doing this at least once per week, if not three times per week.

Burning fat during your workout does not mean you are burning fat after your workout though. I highly suggest 2 or 3 of your workouts be performed at a strength gaining level. This will ensure you are boosting your metabolism, so it burns more fat after your workouts and into the next day. The intensity for strength-gaining is going to be 70% to 90% perceived exertion for 30 seconds to 90 seconds, with equal or greater rest periods. My favorite is 40 seconds of work with 40 seconds of rest for 5 rounds, and then switch to the next exercise.

Focusing on building power is another great way to level-up your metabolism with your fat-burning training. The intensity and duration will be 90% to 100% of your perceived exertion for up to 10 rounds. I highly suggest the 10 seconds of your maximum effort with 50 seconds of rest for 6 to 10 rounds in a row, and then switch to another exercise. You should only do this style of workout once or twice per week.

If you are new to this training try one power session per week, two strength sessions per week, and one endurance session. Don’t train less than 20 minutes or more than 60 minutes at a time, and watch how fast you start to see changes.

With a good warm-up and cool down, you will be fighting fat in no time.

Don’t forget to eat well, hydrate well, and get good sleep, so your hormone structure and metabolism works with you, instead of against you.

Every day at the gym is a day closer to wearing the clothes you desire with the body you have been envisioning.