Shoulder Abduction Adduction | Movement Breakdown

Shoulder Abduction Adduction | Movement Breakdown

How To Abductors and Adductors

This is often completely ignored motion of the shoulder and we need to make sure it's strong. Using light weights like this is incredibly important as we're progressing the strength in the shoulder itself. So when we're working this, we're going to take the shoulder and we're actually going to work it up in towards the midline of the body, which means in towards your spine and towards your neck, and then back d own again as you're working through this. The focus here is taking the humeral head and gliding it in towards the spine. The humeral head is the top of that upper arm bone and working down again.

What Are These Good For?

These are not only good for athletes and those in functional fitness, but everyone. Literally everyone because no one wants a bad achy shoulder. These will stabilize your joints during athletic and everyday movements like pushing, pulling, or reaching across your body. 

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