45 Minute Kettlebell Workout | Six Gates of Silverman Preview | Free Workout Friday

45 Minute Kettlebell Workout | Six Gates of Silverman Preview | Free Workout Friday

In this weeks Free Workout Friday, we have a 45 minute kettlebell workout from our Six Gates of Silverman program! This workout is a lengthy "warm-up" gearing you up for a grueling 24 minute AMRAP workout. Get a taste of the Six Gates and see why the few and mighty mighty have survived and conquered this program. 

The Workout/More About Six Gates

This is workout is from our six week workout program focused on muscular endurance and high intensity cardio. It is designed to kick your butt. When you're lifting, most of these things in here should feel like about a six out of 10. So the volume is going to be high and the weights don't have to be crazy heavy, but you do have to go pretty hard on this and you're going to go for six straight weeks (just 45 minutes today 😉)

Make sure that you're doing the warmup. Seriously, those are moves, they're primers to get everything ready for the hard parts of the workout. If you don't do the warmup, you're gonna pay for it in the workout. The equipment is not a lot, right? You don't need a whole lot in here. If you don't have some of the equipment listed, cool. We'll give you alternatives throughout the program. Shouldn't be a problem at all for you.

You're gonna love it. It's gonna be great. Remember, if you're brand new to weights, add about five to 10% of your daily protein right now. Start it right now, you're gonna need it. Nutrition is important as you go through this high endurance program. The nutrition rules are easy. Make sure that you're out there, you're ready, you grab your gear, you crank up some tunes. Let's get to work. Welcome to the Six Gates of Silverman.

0:00 INTRO


0:52 "WARM-UP"

25:43 AMRAP



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