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The King of the Functional Jungle the Gorilla Row

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The King of the Functional Jungle the Gorilla Row
An awesome finisher to any back or upper body involved workout the Gorilla Row has a load of benefits you are missing out on if you you're not using it in your programming! Despite the video that we're about to show is a kettlebell variation, you can also perform this movement with dumbbells or any kind of weight plates!

The Kettlebell Gorilla Row 

How To Do Gorilla Rows

To set up the row, in a wide stance, set the weights directly underneath you. Make sure they're centered!! Hinge back, place both hands on the handles, embrace your core and row one of the weights while keeping your other hand the stationary weight. Pull that weight towards your hip, keeping your wrist straight, and make sure to be pulling the weight back with your elbow! Then place the weight down and repeat the other side continuing this alternating pattern. Make sure to have control over the weights and don't jerk the movements too hard.

Benefits of Gorilla Rows

Core/Trunk Stability: Gorilla rows hit your abs and lower back muscles bcause you have stabilize the body while performing the rowing motion (do not rotate your torso too much)
Back/Bicep Strength: This row, like any other row, works the back primarily and the biceps secondarily. 
Core Strength: Because you have to stabilize your core throughout the movement and maintain your form, the core is tested throughout the entirety of the movement. 
Grip Strength: Because you have to hold the weights in the row and require a strong grip to move properly, your grip strength will improve. 

Try this functional exercise for yourself and add it to your next upper day session and tag us 🤝🏼

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