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Kettlebell and Battle Rope Workouts

Kettlebell and Battle Rope Workouts

If you haven't combined the power of these two "unconventional" tools, you are missing out.

The kettlebell is a world-renowned strength and stability creator, and the battle rope is a world-renowned finisher...but the concepts that these two tools are known for, is only telling a fraction of the story.

With the right coaching and programming these two tools can fill entire libraries of effective and efficient programs that build strength, coordination, efficiency, mobility, endurance, power, and cognitive focus.

Check out our growing libraries of workouts and programming here: Trainer Resources

Don't get caught in the trap that kettlebells are only for strength, and battle ropes are only for cardio.

This will lead you into a corner, that will hurt your training effectiveness.

The key is to learn the principles and concepts behind each of the tools, so that you can build more effective training programs, utilizing their incredible versatility.

First overarching principle for both kettlebells and battle ropes:

  • Your programming dictates the outcome.

    If I want to build strength, I must program higher intensity, higher loads, higher volumes, with enough rest and recovery to build the strength necessary. The same goes for mobility, power, coordination, cognitive focus, stability, and endurance.

Second overarching principle for kettlebell and battle rope:

  • Quality before quantity.

    If I do not move well, than adding load, intensity, speed, or volume is a fast way to injure yourself. Learn to move effectively and efficiently, before asking your body for the capacity that it cannot afford to give.

Third overarching principle for putting these tools together:

  • Know before you go.

    If you are not sure if you can train endurance before you train power, than do not do it (this concept is not supported anywhere in the studies and literature on physiology and kinesiology). Learn the knowledge and then apply it. Hoping you will figure it out as you go, is a good way to hurt yourself and your fit fam.

See the above video for a sample kettlebell and battle ropes workout.

We have growing libraries of exercise demos, movement breakdowns, follow-along workouts, and done-for-you 4 to 12 week programs, that will help you learn these THREE OVERARCHING PRINCIPLES to putting together great kettlebell and battle rope workouts.

For a deeper dive into the kettlebell and battle rope, we have virtual courses for each. The Fundamentals courses for both battle ropes and kettlebells breaks down the basics, and the Advanced does an even deeper dive to give you exactly what you need to better program these two amazing tools.

 We look forward to your continued success with the powerful combination of kettlebells and battle ropes for your workouts!


Aaron Guyett,

M.A., B.S., CSCS, FRAs, FRCms

Living.Fit's Education Director and Master Instructor

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