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What Attendees Have to Say

At one of our recent certifications we were honored to have some beginners as well as experienced kettlebell lifters attend and be able to teach new techniques to both!


The Path to Kettlebell Strength Starts with the Basics

Choose a Fundamentals or Advanced Certification. Marcus Martinez, CSCS, RKC, IKFF.

  • You must start with foundational kettlebell knowledge and movements before advancing. Below is our schedule of live events which includes Fundamental and Advanced events.
  • Our certifications are for beginners who need a solid foundation in fundamentals of kettlebell before moving on to advanced rotational, fluid movement as well as experienced lifters who want to learn to teach kettlebell flow or move in new planes of motion in order to build new kettlebell strength.
  • Whether you want to learn how move better yourself or grow your facility, empower your staff and provide more value to your clients this certification is for you. 

"loved the content and how it was facilitated by Marcus, he's amazing. Thanks for going thru each movement step by step and slowing down the mechanics. learned a ton! excited to start flowing and programming my own personal training :)"

Virtual Certification Attendee


We host live certification events throughout the year anyone can attend or you can complete the same material we teach in person, online through a virtual course or live virtual course! The material covered is the same, but live certifications allow for more interaction or back and forth between attendees and trainer. Click below to learn more about virtual certifications or upcoming dates!


Live Certification Dates

All certifications in 2021 will be held via live stream! View our live stream dates today!


What is Covered in Kettlebell Fundamentals Certification?

This course is designed to achieve safe and effective performance of basic kettlebell movements and a handful of meaningful variations that will elevate your skills.

After this course you should be able to demonstrate the following:
  1. Safety 101 to keep yourself and your client from harm
  2. Why it's important to focus on the breath
  3. Our favorite mobility warmup and screening
  4. How to prepare for the rigors of kettlebell work
  5. The hinge leading into the deadlift and variations
  6. The swing and variations 
  7. The clean and variations 
  8. The press and variations
Pass assessments when you complete the course and earn a certificate of completion! 
Watch what attendees of a recent Fundamentals Certification had to say in the video! 

What is Covered in a Advanced Certification

Day 1:
  • Intro - Building community-driven mindful coaches
  • The System and Why - Foundation to Flow Principles
  • Mindful Breathing and why it matters
  • Efficient and Dynamic Warmup
  • Hold your ground - Learning how to Stabilize and Prepare Your body for the bell
  • Hinge Series and Variations - The Deadlift and Swing + Variations
  • Pull Series - The Row and Clean + Variations
  • Push Series - The Squat and Press + Variations  
Day 2: 
  • Recap from Day 1
  • Pull series - Snatch + Variations
  • Rotational Series - Controlled Movements -
  • Rotational Series - Explosive Movements
  • Programming for best results
  • Coaching Series
  • Flow Series - How to flow and building athleticism
  • Final Flow - Tying it all together 

Demonstrations From Live & Virtual Events

These are examples of the topics covered in live and virtual certifications

Foundational Pattern - Pull Progressions (in Fundamental and Advanced)

Mobility Warm Up (in Fundamental and Advanced)

Rotational Patterns

Who is This For?

This program is for beginners who need a solid foundation in fundamentals of kettlebell movement before moving on to more advanced rotational movements as well as experienced lifters who want to learn to teach kettlebell or move in new planes of motion in order to build new kettlebell strength.  Marcus Martinez has over 10 years experience in kettlebell training and is one of the pioneers of this training method. The fundamentals learned and performed properly are what will allow you to do more with the kettlebell. With this knowledge you can take your training to a fun and intricate place of creativity and play which breaks up the monotony of workouts!
  • Move seamlessly, almost effortlessly in different planes
  • Enhance athleticism 
  • Limitless space of potential and progress for yourself and your clients

This program is for beginners who need a solid foundation in fundamentals of kettlebell movement before moving on to more advanced rotational movements as well as experienced lifters who want to learn to teach kettlebell or move in new planes of motion in order to build new kettlebell strength.

Kettlebell Flow

By the end of the Advanced Certification you will be able to move in front, back and lateral planes of motion by starting with foundational movements and advancing.


What Makes This Certification Different?

  • The goal of this certification is to teach solid fundamentals of safe and effective kettlebell lifting and put you on the path of building strength and fluid movement techniques with kettlebells. While most kettlebell certifications focus on front and back planes of motion, we expand past the traditional movements into rotational movements and lateral planes of motion for true full body strength building. What makes a kettlebell so powerful the ability to transition from different planes and angles quickly making you a resilient more competent mover in more than just front and back motion. We go into more rotational work as well as the break down of flow and how it pertains to athletic endeavors. It is also a ton of fun!
  • Traditional certifications focus on forward and backward movement and sets of reps. Learn to build full body strength with sound, fundamental full body movement.

Why Host A Certification?

  • ACHIEVE maximum kettlebell effectiveness with proper handling
  • LEARN cues and coaching of kettlebell to teach safely & correctly
  • BUILD a strong foundation of kettlebell knowledge
  • MOVE mindfully and efficiently to create incredible, productive flow of movement
  • PROGRAM kettlebell training for your clients   
  • JOIN the Living.Fit community to learn and discuss movement and methods with other trainers

About Our Master Instructor

Since 2001 Marcus Martinez has been helping people reach their goals through kettlebells. He has extensive experience in teaching, building programs, developing training modules and running fitness businesses. Additionally, Marcus is a pioneer in kettlebell flow, certifications and holds a number of training certifications.
Certifications & Accolades:
  • CSCS
  • Certified personal trainer since 2002 through NCEP (National College of Exercise Professionals)
  • RKC Certified
  • IKFF Certified
  • Steve Maxwell Strength and Conditioning Certified

Flexible Attendance Plans

Learning is important to you, choose a method of payment that fits you best! Full price for 2 Day Certification is normally $899.99, save with early sign up options and flexible attendance plans!

Pre Approved for CEUS

  • AFAA: Living.Fit is recognized by the Athletics and Fitness
    Association of America as an Approved Continuing Education Provider. 
    • 15 AFAA CEUs for Advanced Course 
    • 6 AFAA CEUs for Fundamentals Course
  • NASM: Living.Fit is recognized by the National Academy of Sports Medicine as an Approved Continuing Education Provider. 
    • 1.6 NASM CEUs for Advanced Course
    • 0.6 NASM CEUs for Fundamentals Course
  • NCSF: Living.Fit is recognized  as an Approved Continuing Education Provider. 
    • 3 CEUs for Fundamentals Course
    • 6 CEUs for Advanced Course

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