How To Do Dumbbell High Hang Power Snatches | Movement Breakdown

High Hang Power Snatch

How To Do A High Hang Power Snatch

This is a power exercise which means we are trying to create velocity here.

We are going to take that dumbbell from right at the top of the knee and drive it up overhead. So we're going to set up with a hinge and the dumbbell no lower than the top of our patella or the top of our kneecap.

From there, you're going to violently extend the hips, the knees, and the feet. Yanking the dumbbell over the head and finishing with the hand having turned 90 degrees to the palms facing the ear.

When we're doing this, it's really important to remember that this is a full body motion, not a clean to press. This is one motion pole, keeping the dumbbell nice and close to the body.

Who Benefits The Most From This?

The high hang power snatch is an incredible functional fitness exercise as it puts a strong emphasis on your core stability. It is also a great movement for generating more explosive power so this should be a staple movement for any athlete. 

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