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How To Do a Floor Press With a Barbell | Movement Breakdown

How to do a barbell floor press

How To Do A Barbell Floor Press

To properly do a barbell floor press, start from the rack or being handed it by your partner. From here you're going to get your points of contact feet, hips, head and shoulders on the ground.

As you press the weight up, the goal is to fully lockout. And then when you return, elbows all the way to the ground as you do this.

What you don't want is any excessive lordotic arching of the back, and you want to make sure you hands are the right width apart.

So you're looking at the same width as you would with benchpress, which means they're going to be a little bit wider than your shoulders.

Who Benefits The Most From This?

The floor  press is not just a great home workout variation, but it's great for anyone looking to improve lockout strength and is a great variation for anyone with shoulder issues or recovering from injuries!

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