5 Ways Boxing Can be Useful in Improving Life 

5 Ways Boxing Can be Useful in Improving Life 

Boxing is the real test of tests in life. When you get hit or knocked down, how do you react? As a sport for leaders, learning how to box is required in the Naval Academy. 

Many of our leaders have passed through the Academy and donned the gloves. It teaches all how to be strong physically and mentally; how to “take a punch” and not turn and run. Fight or flight? You must fight!

Here Are 5 Ways Boxing Can be Useful in Improving Your Life

Stress Relief- No Narcotics Needed!

Everyone’s first thought here is that the stress relief comes from hitting things. In a way it does, but it comes more from how you hit things.

Boxing will reduce stress by making you focus on the technique required to throw a perfect punch. When you are thinking about the mechanics of what you are doing instead of all your outside life stresses, you are winning!

Get happy! When you are doing something you enjoy, that is challenging and fulfilling, you become happier! Reducing your stress will make you much happier. So simple, but so true.

Get some sleep! Boxing clears your mind and allows you to think about what you did at the boxing gym today rather than what your stresses were for the day. As well, it can be such an intense workout, your body will be ready to sleep once your head hits the pillow.

Get some action! Boxing helps your relationships. You must put all of your energy into your workout, which means there is no energy left to argue! Leaving all your pent-up frustration at the gym helps you “play well with others”.

Get a great outlook! Boxing will get you excited about learning something new each time you go to the gym. You can never learn enough in boxing therefore you will always have the excitement of learning something new or improving on what you already know. Learning is living. 

Eat a Slice of Humble Pie

Boxing is a humbling experience. To step into a boxing gym and not know how to throw a punch, takes a lot of guts! That in itself is humbling. Or maybe you are the person who thinks you will pick up boxing easily because you are a great athlete or boxed in the backyard with your buddies?

All those backyard brawlers are getting a big slice of humble pie when they actually take the time to legitimately learn how to box.

Some of the greatest athletes and leaders are humble. Humility is the beginning of knowledge.

If you are in a managerial position, you will be a much more effective leader by eating some humble pie. A poll was conducted by the University of Buffalo and the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, According to this poll of 55 executives ranging from mid-level leaders to CEOs, bosses who exercised humility in leadership were seen as being more effective because they appeared to be more human.

A team under the helm of a humble boss makes them more engaged at work, which in turn, causes less turnover.

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Self-Assured/Improved Self Image

Aware and capable- Promotion here I come!

Your strength as a self-assured person comes from self-esteem. Boxing is one of those sports that really make you feel like a boss! How can it not boost your self-esteem? Boxing allows you to be aware of your positive qualities and abilities, as well as recognizing your faults, mistakes, and shortcomings. You will understand the need to change things and situations without becoming defensive. No pun intended!

Mental Strength – Who’s the Boss!

Boxing gives you courage!

Mental strength allows you to cause things to happen. Strength comes from overcoming resistance. In boxing, you will find resistance in your learning process, your fitness level and of course your opponent. As one of the toughest sports to learn, you must be mentally strong to continue learning boxing when it seems like you will never “get it”. The fitness level of a boxer is unsurpassed by most athletes and to push yourself in that manner takes strength. Once you gain enough skill to be in the ring with an opponent, that is where another level of strength comes into play. Boxing teaches you how to be calm and focused on your goal in the midst of chaos.

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Keeps Your Hormones More Balanced! 

Testosterone is great and cortisol is bad. Testosterone levels lower when you have higher levels of cortisol. So what causes high levels of cortisol? This hormone is a part of the fight-or-flight response and helps you respond to threat. It is released both when the threat is real and only perceived. Boxing helps you stay calm in a stressful situation. Always fighting instead of flying. Some of us are born with the fight, but if you are not, boxing will help you to stand there and “fight”. 

Know how it feels to take a punch and not turn your head. Face fear directly in the eye and when it gets close, slip it and come back with your own punch! Boxing helps you take control of your stress and allows you to be calm, cool, and collected. In a competitive or threatening environment, your ability to focus, regulate your physiological arousal, and manage your fears and self-doubts are critical.

Boxing is a sport that can prepare you for life and help you live a long one.


Cary Williams

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