Load image into Gallery viewer, JumpSport 550f PRO Foldable Fitness Trampoline | 44" Foldin
Load image into Gallery viewer, Black JumpSport 550f PRO Foldable Fitness Trampoline | 44" Foldin
Load image into Gallery viewer, High Quality  PRO Foldable Fitness Trampoline | 44" Folding
Load image into Gallery viewer, JumpSport 550f PRO Foldable Fitness Trampoline | 44" Folding

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JumpSport 550f PRO Foldable Fitness Trampoline | 44" Folding

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The JumpSport 550f PRO Fitness Trampoline gives you the freedom to move, delivers efficient cardio workouts, and boosts your fitness level and energy. For big movements and compact storage, the 550f PRO Fitness Trampoline folds in half to fit into smaller spaces at home, in a Professional studio, or on-the-go! Our Endurolast cords are tested to at least 1.6 million bounce cycles so you can exercise hard and pursue your fitness goals. 


  • 44" 1/2 Fold, Matte Black Frame provides a large surface area with lots of freedom to move
  • 6 removable screw-on legs (with optional wrench-tightening capability for a more permanent installation)
  • 37.5” Enhanced Lay-Flat Jumping Mat
  • 7 easy-to-adjust firmness settings for a customized bounce
  • 36 EnduroLast Extra-Firm (XF) bungee cords allow you to increase intensity in your workouts
  • Wide range of additional fitness accessories
  • JumpSport® Fitness Trampoline Model 550f PRO only weighs 26 lb! Easy to transport!
  • Weight rating: 325 lb

Want more confidence in your bounce & added convenience? Add on the 44"Quick-Release Handle Bar at checkout.

All About The JumpSport 550f PRO Fitness Trampoline

Ready for a hardcore rebounder that combines high-intensity, low-impact exercise with a large jumping surface and convenient storage? Meet the JumpSport 550f PRO.

Premium Bounce

Jumping never felt so good. JumpSport Fitness Trampolines deliver the smoothest, deepest, and most supportive low-impact bounce on the market. Our EnduroLast Elastic Cords are highly advanced bungee cords, uniquely formulated to stretch 2x resting length, compared to standard bungees that only stretch as little as 1.25x resting length. We use either 55 ft or 66 ft of elastic cord on every trampoline, whereas low-cost, similar-sized competitor trampolines may have only 15 ft of bungee. The extended elasticity, combined with the longer length of our EnduroLast Elastic Cords, reduces the stress on the bungee material so our cords last significantly longer than trampolines with lower quality, shorter bungees.

Folding Frame & Easy Storage

Storage genius. Even small spaces offer the perfect platform for a low-impact, high cardio workout with the folding trampoline. The half-fold frame design incorporates a locking hinge for a stable rebounding experience. The legs [screw on quickly] for easy storage. Whether you workout in a studio, apartment, office, or tiny home, the easily mobile JumpSport Fitness folding trampoline offers the variety you need to workout whenever, wherever.


Customize your bounce. FlexBounce connectors and knotted elastic cords allow users to tighten the jumping mat to a desired firmness. The default softest setting is preferred by jumpers who like a deeper bounce or are a lighter weight. The firmest setting is preferred by jumpers who like a quicker, more responsive bounce or are a heavier weight.

Safe & Stable

Workout without worry. Step up with confidence and add versatility to your fitness routine with our arched-legged trampolines and handle bar accessories. No-tip arched legs are safe, reliable, and allow you to stack multiple units in a commercial setting. Our mat extension skirt and petal designs protect jumpers from stepping on the cords, and provide more exercise space, while the trampoline legs and 12.5” high frame are stable enough for push-ups, dips, and more. The handle bar add-on boosts confidence and is sturdy enough for full body-weight exercises.

Convenient & Versatile

Fitness made easy. Designed for home use or professional studios, the trampoline has a durable lightweight design to facilitate a wide range of modalities and for easy storage. Whether you prefer low-impact balance workouts or high-intensity interval training, the versatile JumpSport Fitness Trampoline offers a variety of different workouts that you can benefit from.

Streaming Made Easy

Ready. Get set. Go! From easy setup to professional streaming video workouts, we’ve made it easy for you to start bouncing quickly and hit your fitness goals. Your purchase includes an extended free trial to JumpSport Fitness TV, where a simple tap lets you choose from a wide variety of workouts from professional fitness instructors. JumpSport Fitness TV is easily accessible on Apple TV, Roku, and any web browser. 

Total-Body Wellness

A healthy habit worth forming. Benefits of rebounding include weight loss, muscle toning, increased bone density and lymphatic flow, along with greater balance, a stronger immune system, and enhanced mental health and wellness. Consistent exercise with professional workout videos on JumpSport Fitness TV can enable you to quickly reach your weight and fitness goals.

The Best Quality at Every Price Point

For Beginners and Pros alike. Our most affordable models still deliver best-in-class performance and reliability, while our high-end rebounders are heavier-duty, with a higher weight rating, and are designed for the rigors of professional use. Have a question? Our top-rated customer support team is ready to help!

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