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Living.Fit - Extra Strength Pull Up Bands, Body Stretching, Powerlifting, Mobility & Stretching, Resistance Training, Workout Anywhere - Set of 6 Different Resistance Levels from 10 LB to 200 LBs

Multiple Resistance Band Levels & Sets Available

Use one band or multiple bands to make a movement more challenging. Suits all level fitness users from beginners to advanced. The more resistance, the easier it makes it to do assisted pull ups or chip ups, but more challenging to move with your body.

  • Red (5-25 LB, Dimensions:  81.9 x 0.5 x 0.2 inch): Designed for new to resistance training or high repetition workouts. Workouts well for for general warm up and stretching. 

  • Black (25-65 LB,  Dimensions: 81.9 x 0.8 x 0.2 inch): This is just a step up from the red band and designed for more high repetition movements or beginners. Great for more stretching, and progressive training when you need to add more resistance. General use for rehabilitation, stretching, jumping, speed training.

  • Purple (Dimensions: 81.9 x 1.2 x 0.2 inch): This is a great starting point for a enough resistance for assisting with pull ups and chine ups. These great for challenging isolation movements like curls.

  • Green (Dimensions: 81.9 x 1.7 x 0.2 inch): The resistance really kicks up on these and for most people will be used for lower body movements, assisted chin ups, pull ups or extra strength bench pressing.

  • Blue (Dimensions: 81.9 x 2.5 x 0.2 inch): For the vast majority of people these will be used for lower body or making chin ups and pull ups easier than purple and green. These can be used to build upper body strength.

  • Orange (70-200 LB,  Dimensions: 81.9 x 3.2 x 0.2 inch): For the vast majority of people these will be used for lower body or making chin ups and pull ups easier than blue, green and purple. These can be used to build upper body strength.

  • Get Red Black, Purple, Green in the Set of 4 Which meets the criteria for the vast majority of people or get the heaviest resistance bands as well in Full Set of 6.
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    resistance band set


    Having a set of resistance bands is like having a whole workout plan that can go with you anywhere! In addition to high quality resistance bands, our team of trainers creates expert workouts to follow as well to build muscle and burn fat!


    resistance band sets

    • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION, there are hundreds of online sellers of fitness products. We focus on high quality products and creating the best customer experience possible. Our team has decades of experience in customer service and fitness to support you. We understand that high quality and creating a pristine customer experience is what makes the difference for you. We are here to answer your questions both pre and post purchase as well as help with any questions
    • FULL SET. Add the full set of 4 or 6!
    • QUANTITY: Purchase as individual bands or save on full set!
    • WORKOUTS: Get workouts to meet your goals! Our team of trainers creates expert workouts you can view on this page to follow along with! Build muscle and burn fat! Get FREE workouts with your purchase here!
    • USE: Try these with any workouts! Build any muscle on your body from arms to chest, legs and more! Different sizes for different resistance levels. Use for pull up assist as well!
    • LIFETIME WARRANTY: We will replace any band if it were to snap!

    Resistance Bands

    These resistance bands are designed to be used for stretching as well as light weightlifting.  These are also perfect and ideal for stretching before or after your workout. These bands are built to last a long time and can be used over and over without wearing them out. Made from natural latex material and have continuous layers for strength and durability.

    Which Bands Do You Need?

    Your best bet is to pick up at least three resistance bands to offer you different levels of resistance depending on your workout. The bigger and wider the band, the more resistance it adds to your lift or assistance it gives to a pull up.