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Pillars of Strength


The Pillar of Strength program is a 4 week plan that will build incredible strength while delivering you a leaner, more athletic physique. The program is designed to be performed with kettlebells, but you won’t need doubles. My goal for you with this program is to enhance your kettlebell technique, but you can also do these workouts with dumbbells and even bands. 

  • What results can I expect?
        1. With Pillar of Strength you can expect to get a stronger, leaner physique. 
  • How can I get the best results?
        1. By focusing on PERFECT form, as well as progressive overload. Each workout your goal should be to perform more reps or use more weight with the same reps as you did the previous week. The more often you beat your previous week the better the chances of changing your strength and physique by the end of the program.
  • Does this program work for fat loss?
        1. Of course! The calorie burn you’ll experience with this program will definitely ramp up your metabolism, but at the end of the day it comes down to your nutrition. 
  • What equipment do I need optimally/ideally?
  • Equipment

    For this program, ideally you will need the following equipment:

    • Ideally a few different sizes of kettlebells. You won’t need doubles for this program. 
    • A pull up bar or bands to perform alternatives
    • You can also perform this workout with dumbbells if you only have a few kettlebells. 
  • What if I only have one kettlebell
        1. If you only have one kettlebell it will be significantly harder to progress week to week with weight so your goal should be to perform as many perfect reps as you can even if it’s only one more than last week. You can also supplement with bands to intensify the weight.
  • Why is tracking so important?
        1. If you are not tracking, it will be difficult to see and improve your progress. Tracking shows you how much you have improved in a given week or specific exercise.
  • How many times can I go through this program?
        1. You can go through this program completely as is for four weeks and then assess your progress. If it’s working for you, customize a few exercises to fit your needs and keep going for another 2-4 weeks. 
  • Can I add anything to this program or do this program with another program?
      1. You can add in daily walking as I do. If you’re goal is fat loss feel free to add 1-3 shorter cardio sessions. 

    How this program works:

    How does this program work?

    • This is an upper, lower, full split with an added dynamic session.The dynamic session will be a slightly faster-paced kettlebell workout with different variations and combinations. It lends itself perfectly to the structure of the upper/lower/full split that will be more traditional with a kettlebell spin. 

    Who it’s for: 

    Who is this program for?

    • This program is for the person looking to gain better movement and handling of the kettlebell while building impressive strength. 
    • This is also for the person who is looking to transform their physique by shedding body fat without sacrificing muscle as long as you nutrition is on point
    • This program is for the person who is looking to increase their mobility