Death Grips Premium Heavy Lifting Straps

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Death Grips Premium Heavy Lifting Straps


Ultra Premium Padded Lifting Straps for Dead Lifts, Pull-Ups, and Heavy Shrugs. DEATH GRIPS are the ultimate premium lifting straps PERFECTED. Sold as a pair. View sizing below and in images above.


View sizing in image options above. Measure from the circumference of the wrist (image option above). Wrap the tape measure all the way around your wrist (directly over the wrist bone). The size of Death Grips is not determined by your hand size by your wrist circumference.
S: - 5"-6.5"
M: - 6.5"-8"
L: 8"+

  • FEEL THE DIFFERENCE - The ULTIMATE Premium Lifting Straps, PERFECTED for Both Men & Women. You may have used generic weightlifting gloves and lifting straps ,but our JERKFIT DEATH GRIPS do so much more than just regular gym gloves and straps. You’ll Lift HEAVIER DAY 1 with more confidence and grip, guaranteed.
  • WHY WEAR LIFTING STRAPS? - Workout Lifting Straps are an absolute necessity for maxing out Deadlifts, pull-ups and other pulling exercises to reduce forearm fatigue & Palm Protection to make serious gains. The PERFECT accessory to pull significantly more weight than you currently are. Isn’t that the goal?
  • FOR: Both men and women

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  • WHY DEATH GRIPS? – Nothing is quicker around the bar, just grab, twist and pull. Increased grip strength and reduced arm strain is what you need for the HEAVIEST pulls. Death Grips reduce forearm fatigue by up to 80% to help you hit those last few MOST IMPORTANT reps. Quit dropping the bar due to grip fatigue or you simply rob yourself of those gains!
  • HIGHEST GRADE MATERIALS - Death Grips are unique in the materials we use. Made of extremely durable PVC, similar to car tires,the rubbery grip is unlike any strap you’ve ever tried , so you ALWAYS feel totally locked and loaded for a huge pull. The neoprene padded wrist staps provide comfortable padding so all you feel is the weight, not the discomfort of digging into your hands. Fits easily in your gym bag for all types of workouts, like bodybuilding , powerlifting and cross fitness training.
  • IMPROVE YOUR GRIP & LIFT MORE - Our flawless design with an ergonomically correct shape that won't dig in to your hands or cause discomfort will give you the confidence to lift heavier than before with NO MORE SLIPS!! Just watch you smash through your PR’s! Reach Your Fitness Goals Faster, get stronger immediately, and make gainz!

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  • The ULTIMATE premium lifting straps, PERFECTED (for both men and women)
  • The PERFECT accessory for maxing out DeadLifts, Pull-Ups and any pulling exercises
  • Increased grip strength for the HEAVIEST pulls, Reduced forearm fatigue by 80% to hit those last few MOST IMPORTANT reps
  • Ultra PADDED FOR EXTRA COMFORT, and WON'T cut off circulation!
  • Flawless design with an ergonomically correct shape that won't dig in to your hands or cause discomfort.