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Anywhere Athlete


The Anywhere Athlete - 30 Day Program

This workout is designed to get you stronger and put some size on. These are shorter workouts with the focus on choosing weights that will CHALLENGE you. This is an important aspect of any program, but worth repeating. Choose weights that will challenge you in the given rep scheme.  This was one of my go to programs in a gym setting because you can do most of the movements fairly simply with dumbbells and even barbells. 

Bands work extremely well in this program. If your weights aren’t heavy enough there are ways to increase the load through bands so that makes them even more versatile. 

The way this program is broken down is as follows: Push, pull, full body and one circuit-style movement-based session. The rep ranges selected are going to help you get some volume in without overdoing it. The first three workouts are going to be straight sets meaning you’ll be performing each exercise for all prescribed sets before moving onto the next exercise. This allows you to put all your focus on that movement. Use as minimal rest as you can.

Each workout will take approximately 40 minutes to complete with warmup and cool down. 

As always, make sure to track your progress over the 4 week span including weights used, reps hit, time rested, and total sets. Tracking progress is one of the most useful and motivational things you can do for your overall goals. 








Workout 1

Workout 2


Workout 3


Workout 4

Rest or Steady State


Remember that rest is a CRUCIAL aspect of growth. If you go all the time you will burn out minimizing your potential gains.

If your goal is to build size:

  1. Focus on progressing EACH week using more weight or adding more reps to the session while maintaining the same rest periods. 

  2. Walk daily. 

  3. Add 1 interval workout

  4. Make sure you’re getting adequate calories. An additional 300-500 over your BMR is about all you need. 

  5. Sleep! Your body needs to recover and this is where growth happens assuming there was enough stimulation during the workout. 

If you’re goal is to lose fat:

  1. Still focus on getting stronger. Progress each week with heavier weight or more reps. Track progress

  2. You MUST be in a caloric deficit. It doesn’t need to be intense, but 300-500 under your basal metabolic rate should suffice

  3. Add two interval workouts and one steady state

  4. Walk Daily

  5. Don’t forget to sleep! 

Repeat the workouts so that you can progress. If you are continuing to see results beyond the four weeks KEEP GOING! You can repeat the cycle after four weeks with heavier weights, slight variations of the exercises or change up the order of the workouts. 

* If fat loss is your goal, complete this workout 2 times per week. Do this at separate times than your main workouts. Feel free to switch up the movements in different workouts. For example on Monday do this with a jump rope. On Tuesday do this with an airdyne. Another option is to switch up the movements during the workout. So if you’re doing 15 rounds you can pick three different exercises and cycle through them. Take kettlebell swings, jump rope, and sprawls, for example. You’d do 20 seconds of swings, 40 seconds of rest, 20 seconds of jump rope, 40 seconds of rest, 20 seconds of sprawls 40 seconds of rest and repeat 5-8 more times. 

Steady State - Steady state cardio has its time and place. This can be a light jog, longer hike, or set time on a piece of cardio equipment. Make sure you keep the intensity 60-70% of max for 20-40 minutes. This is in addition to your strength training and assuming your diet is in line with your goals.  

The Movements:

  1. Halo

  2. Plank to Push up Position

  3. Floor Press R/L

  4. Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat (RFESS) Left and Right

  5. Half kneeling Press L/R

  6. Banded push-up

  7. Off Set Front Squat Left/Right

  8. BU Walk

  9. One arm row L/R

  10. Single Leg Deadlift (SLD) L/R

  11. Half kneeling clean L/R

  12. Banded Lateral Raise 

  13. Banded 1.5 curl

  14. Explosive Deadlift

  15. Crush-Grip Curl

  16. Alternating Swing

  17. Alternating Clean to Push Press

  18. Goblet Squat

  19. Two-Hand High Pull

  20. Crush Grip Press

  21. Row with Rotation

  22. Swing

  23. Sprawl

  24. Sprawl Pushup

  25. Burpee

  26. Alternating Rotational Press

  27. Deck Squat

  28. Rotational Snatch

  29. Single Leg Clean to Back Lunge

  30. Pushup

  31. Pull up