Interview with John Brookfield, Founder of Battling Ropes System and so much more

Interview with John Brookfield

I had the great honor of interviewing John Brookfield, a long time friend of mine, but moreover a man with exceptional physical, mental and spiritual prowess!

I underestimated him the first time I met him, and was immediately humbled, by quite possibly the most humble man to ever achieve so many world records and physical feats.

Here are just a few:

  • Inventor of The Battling Ropes Training System
  • Author of several fitness and spiritual books
  • Trainer, mentor, and coach to thousands of people and athletes, including the Special Forces, NFL, and Perform Better Trainers
  • John pulled a truck weighing 24,000 pounds a distance of one full mile in one hour and 23 minutes. The mile pull was done without the use of any pulling ropes.
  • John rolled up one-quarter mile of steel nonstop in 59 minutes. The world record was done by using 62 twenty-foot steel bars, which were 9/16" in diameter. Each bar was laying on the ground and had to be rolled up so tight that they fit into a small suitcase.
  • John Brookfield and Jon Bruney pulled a semi-truck weighing slightly over 32,000 pounds a distance of one full mile in one hour and thirty-six minutes. Much of the route had an upgrade.
  • John then pulled a 40,000 pound truck with Kirk Nobles for 1 mile in an hour and 7 minutes, and then they decided to try it again, performing the same feat in under one hour 50 minutes and 54 seconds to be exact.
  • John tore 100 decks of plastic-coated poker cards in half in two minutes and fifteen seconds.
  • John tore 60 decks of plastic-coated poker cards in half in one minute exactly.
  • John performed 1,200 kettlebell snatches in one hour exactly using a 53-pound kettlebell.
  • John performed 302 kettlebell snatches in ten minutes using a 53-pound kettlebell.
  • John bent 520 nails into a U-shape in one hour and forty-two minutes. The nails were 60-penny nails.
  • John rolled up a 20-foot, 5/8" steel bar in 33 seconds so tight it could be placed in an average-sized suitcase.
  • John used a 50-pound sledgehammer for one full hour and struck a tire about thirty times a minute non-stop throughout the hour.

Needless to say, he is an extraordinary man physically and mentally.

His secret?

His daily time with God.

He attributes all of his feats of strength and innovation in the fitness world to what God has revealed to him.

In the interview he said, he was asking God how to get better at the truck pulling, and saw a vision of tsunamis and fast running creeks.

So he started trying to mimic the flow of water with ropes, only to discover that you have to be both strong and fast and have massive amount of endurance to continue either of those motions. His revelation in velocity was quickly noticed by NFL football teams, special forces, and Olympic athletes, and they asked him to come to their facilities to show them how to effectively train with the ropes.

And just like that, battling ropes or battle ropes became a ten-year, overnight success, and are now seen in gyms and home-gyms and garage-gyms around the world.

John Brookfield has blessed me with the opportunity to continue to share the message of the ropes and fitness, and I am doing everything I can to help spread the word about proper techniques and training, as well as adding in my discoveries in wave physics, mechanical physics, and metabolic pathway programming with the ropes.

Speaking with John Brookfield these past few weeks in preparation for this interview, and being his friend for a decade now, is something I deeply cherish. And I hope you enjoy our interview as well.

If you are looking for spiritual, mental, and physical development that will renew your youth God's way, check out his new book:

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