How Will Offline Mode Work?

How Will Offline Mode Work?

We are excited to soon be releasing offline mode for our workouts. On any website or app, if your internet connectivity falters your video lags or cuts off. That is going away for Living.Fit with our new offline mode. Make sure to scroll down to vote on our next feature update as well!

With this new feature, you will be able to do your workout anytime, anywhere without internet connection dependency. This means no lags, skips, pauses or anything else to prevent a world class workout. 

Survey Results!

In our last email we let you know about Offline mode and the opportunity to vote for our next feature update. The results have been very surprising to us! So, far 63% have voted for a particular new feature after we release offline mode. We have narrowed it down to a workout generator or native apps for iPhone and Android. When you click above, you can also vote on our next feature update. Make your voice heard and help determine the direction of the workouts!Vote for our next feature here!!

Vote for our next feature here!

What Do Member Say About Workouts? "Great programs while learning the basics of kettlebells." "Life Changing. These kettlebell programs are helping me get into the best shape of my life" "Subscription. Love following the LivingFit KB programs" "Great value and great resources! Before finding the Living Fit membership, I had looked into several online programs including some ridiculously expensive coaching programs. I am so glad I found this membership. I have been using the Kettlebell Origins program for about 1 week, and I have already lost a few pounds, but, more importantly, I have already seen strength and mobility gains.

I feel great, have energy, and look forward to the workouts." "Love. I am really enjoying this program. [I am using a 15lb kettlebell.] It’s challenging but I can do it, I’m not hating my life during the work, and I’m sore but not crippled! I did CrossFit/HIIT style training for several years ‘BC’ but during Covid my cross training class was cancelled and I had a baby so I am trying to get back into it! I love that this is waking up my muscles and highly recommend. Buy the kettlebell, buy the class, do the work, get strong." "Origins II. I've enjoyed this program a lot! I've owned origins 1 and 2 and both have been great to follow. Some days I have to cut the volume down due to work and it still feels like I get in a good workout." "Full Access Membership. Wow !! Am I impressed with all the plans available. 

My interests (for now) are with the kettlebells and resistance bands. I'm 66 years old so the paths available may be a little too intense for me, I'm starting out with the ten minute flow. So far so good instruction is stellar. Thanks for helping to keep this old lady strong!!!"

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