7 Coaching Secrets to Help Your Clients Lose Weight

Coaching Secrets to lose weight

As a 20 year coach, I have addressed so many problems with people trying to lose weight, that it would make your head spin.

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In 20 years (more like in thousands of years), there has not been any biological adaptations that make losing weight easier or harder. The humans thousands of years ago, are the same biological, physiological, and psychological creatures that we are today...which is great news!

#1 Coaching Secret to Help Your Clients Lose Weight is Consistency

Consistency isn't a secret, but it tends to be really really hard for humans to do, especially in our distracted modern world. An okay plan with consistency will beat the best plan with inconsistency every time. Consistency not only communicates well for our biology to adapt, it is also THE way for us to make proper adjustments for our body types and personalities. You won't know what to change if you haven't laid down a solid 3 weeks of effort (whether we are talking intensity, nutrition, hydration, recovery, sleep, etc).

#2 Coaching Secret to Help Your Clients Lose Weight is Eating

Most people know that you must consume fewer calories than you burn in order to lose weight, but did you know that if you drop too many calories off of your daily consumption you can cause irreparable damage to your metabolic system? It is true. This is now becoming a widely studied issue among people that are on the diet yo-yo. Dropping your calories too low changes how your body processes the calories you have in your body and you consume, shifting the hormonal structure and physiology that will hurt your weight loss plans after your diet. According to Total Shape, a top fitness site, women have about 10-13% of essential body fat — the fats needed by the body to function. On the other hand, men only require 2-5%. I suggest dropping 100 to 500 calories off of your daily consumption and using an excellent fat-burning supplement appropriately, after obtaining wise counsel from a registered dietician.

#3 Coaching Secret to Help Your Clients Lose Weight is Sleeping

Most of us suffer from a lack of sleep, which hurts our waistlines, mental function, and physiology/biology. When we sleep enough we improve our body's ability to work properly, which is very important with nutrition and exercise stresses that are good for losing weight. Try a bed time routine, and letting your body naturally sleep without an alarm for a few weeks, and let me know how you feel? My guess is your relationships, productivity, and weight loss will all improve with this small but powerful adjustment.

#4 Coaching Secret to Help Your Clients Lose Weight is Tracking

 If you don't track what you are doing, how will you know what to change? Tracking isn't for the militant and incredibly self-disciplined. It is for the lazy and upwardly mobile human. If I take a few seconds to track my nutrition and exercise each meal and workout, then I can adjust my meals and program to work smarter instead of harder. If weight loss is going to happen, it will happen faster and easier with a little bit of tracking. I suggest your favorite apps on your phone, as we carry these devices everywhere, and they have become very intuitive and robust for free or inexpensive (my personal favorite app is MyFitnessPal).

#5 Coaching Secret to Help Your Clients Lose Weight is Telling

 We have all heard that any goal that isn't written down is a dream, and that we must tell people in order to hold ourselves accountable. But have you heard that if you tell everyone, and share it on social media to the world, you are less likely to accomplish the goal? It is true. In numerous recent studies, it shows the person that shares their goals with too many people "PRE-receives" the reward, and ends up short circuit'ing their goal early. Kind of weird, but true. I suggest telling your best accountability partners or coaches or counselors, so that they can hold you accountable while supporting and encouraging your progress.

#6 Coaching Secret to Help Your Clients Lose Weight is Forgiving

If you screw up by missing your workout, or splurging a bit too much the worst thing you can do is feel shameful about your mistakes. I will let you in on a not-so-secret-type secret, it is TOTALLY human to screw up. It is what we do when we screw up that either helps us or hurts us. If we become good at forgiving ourselves after we make mistakes, it becomes far easier for us to learn from our mistakes. If we feel shame, we will be more likely to screw up again, or keep doing the damaging behavior. The studies that depict this, speak volumes to those of us that are trying to lose weight. Try to forgive yourself next time, and see where it leads you.

#7 Coaching Secret to Help Your Clients Lose Weight is Letting Go

 Let go of the outcomes and the results, and focus on what you can control...the actions you are taking right now. By focusing on each of the above 6 action-items and letting go of the future results, you will be far more likely to lose the weight and keep it off through the same healthy habits.

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Join us on our upcoming Fat loss program keeping these in mind and watch your body transform!


By: Aaron Guyett

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