JerkFit Nubs Finger Caddies, Thumb and Finger sleeves for Golf

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JerkFit Nubs Finger Caddies, Thumb and Finger sleeves for Golf



*See SIZING chart in pictures above. Each package comes as a PAIR.

Nubs are super flexible, easily slides on and stays on the entire day. Blistering can be painful and can effect an already mental game. Nubs prevents that by putting a slightly padded yet thin material to absorb the friction without getting in your way. So whether your playing a full round of golf or knocking buckets of balls at the range, your fingers and thumbs remain blister free, ALL DAY.

  • PREVENT GOLF BLISTERS - Introducing the world's first Thumb and Finger sleeves for golf to help reduce blisters and chafing from long days on the 18 or driving range. Nothing is worse than hitting a bucket of balls before a round of golf and feeling that dreaded skin tear. Finger Caddies are a TOTAL GAME CHANGER! They will give you the durability to maintain a perfect swing no matter how much play.
  • USE ON THUMBS AND FINGERS - NUBs can be used on any finger or thumb to cover those frequent problem areas. They are easy to slip on and they stay on for an entire day. You can finally be DONE with sticky golf tape that gets sweaty and comes off mid-round and leaves sticky goo on your clubs!
  • ULTIMATE COMFORT - Blissfully comfortable and flexible, our finger sleeves are made from soft material that you won’t even notice wearing. They work GREAT to PREVENT blisters and can also be used as a pain-free bandage to cover existing blisters. We all know how painful blisters can affect your swing. Not anymore!
  • MINIMAL FEEL, MAXIMUM PROTECTION - The sleeves completely stay out of your way, you won’t feel them on your grip at all. The material used is completely breathable and absorbs your sweat so you maintain a strong comfortable grip.
  • REPLACE GOLF GLOVES - Can be worn underneath your golf gloves or can completely eliminate the need for a golf glove all together by protecting JUST the target problem areas. They are small and discrete and take up virtually no space in your golf bag. *Be sure to check out our Nubs Sack (sold separately) that holds your Finger Caddies and clips right to your bag!

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Nubs are a no brainer and total game changer! They are EXTREMELY durable and should at least 100 rounds of golf!

Imagine you've got a big round of 18 and you decide to hit a bucket of balls just before. You're perfecting your drive, when all of the sudden you feel your skin start to separate on one of your thumbs or fingers, and you know that the rest of the day that blister is going get worse and worse and soon become a factor in your swing. We've all been there, and those blisters can be a painful distraction to the joy of golf. Nubs Finger Caddies prevent those pesky blisters from ruining your day!

Golf is a game of FEEL. Thats why golf gloves are so thin. But as most golfers know, the thin nature of gloves makes them notorious for not being very durable or providing as much protection as needed. Its not uncommon to get blisters while wearing gloves at all. With Nubs, you can get targeted protection on your problem areas without the need for gloves at all! You can use Nubs Finger Caddies to totally replace, or simply COMBINE them with your regular Golf Gloves, by wearing them underneath, and you can have total confidence that you are fully protected.

More on Sizing

See in images at top of page. Measure just below the nail around your thumb or finder (measured in millimeters)

Small - 0-15mm (for very skinny thumbs or fingers)
Medium - 20-25mm
Large - 25-30mm
Extra Large - 30+ mm (for thick thumbs)

Sizes determined by measuring the width of thumb knuckle. If on on the line between sizes, female should size down and males should size up.

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