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Weekly Resistance Band Workout #4

Today's work is shredder lower body workout from our Resistance Revolution Program and it should take you about 35 or so minutes to complete. The focus of this program is on muscle-building strength and fat burning intensity, along with full body mobility warm-ups and cool downs before and after the workouts.

If you were to follow this workout on your phone, this is EXACTLY what the workout would look like, but there would be video at the top!

Need some bands to hammer out this workout? Get yourself a set of resistance bands so you can do this workout anywhere you want. 

Get access to the video instructional, movement library, and the warm-up/cool down of this workout here! 

The Workout

For todays workout you will do each exercise for 12 reps, rest 30-60 seconds, and repeat 3 times before moving onto the next movement. For the lunges, you will do 12 for each leg. Pick a resistance that's about a 7-8/10. 



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Resistance Revolution Workout Program

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