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Get Workouts for Your Favorite Equipment!

When you sign up you will have access to 40 different workout plans, a full movement library of 500 movements for learning and our Workout Generator to create infinite customized workouts on your computer or our iPhone & Android apps.

  • Bodyweight
  • Dumbbells
  • Resistance Bands
  • Kettlebells
  • Barbells
  • Much More! View the full list as you scroll down the page.

Hit the 'easy' button and save time with great workouts you can access on your computer or mobile device. Your next 14 days of workouts are set! No more searching social media or YouTube for new ideas, get them right at your finger tips! Save time, make progress.

Follow along or perform at your own pace! 

We Create Workouts that Build Muscle & Burn Fat, Plus: 

  • Expertly made for you, take the guessing out of making your own. Don't waste any more time scouring the internet for workout ideas.
  • Proven and thoughtfully designed for long term results
  • Fresh workouts with variety each week
  • Plus, learn how to use equipment properly
  • Get 20-40 minute workouts for new goals each week!
  • Are consistent & structured

Who Follows Our Workouts?

  • The majority of our community describe themselves as those who have consistently worked out for some time, but were looking for expert advice on performing a variety of movements and routines. We also have members were just getting back into workouts after some time away. 
  • Ages 32-64, both men and women
  • Main Member Goals: Build muscle, Lose Weight or both
  • Why Did They Join? They wanted structured, well thought out programs that are thoughtfully designed.

Why Are We Offering This?

We know there are a ton of choices out there ranging from paid programs to random searches for workouts you do on your own through social media.  Our goal is to provide you with world class instruction and structure to help you make real improvements over the next 14 days so you want to continue working with us afterwards.

We make your next 14 days easy and help you save time so you know exactly what you will be doing, you will not have to always hunt for a new ideas or wonder if the workout you are doing will have an impact. 

We know you will see the progress you want if you follow these workouts for the next 99 days. With tools like our Workout Generator, you can get a fresh new workout at your fingertips anytime and not spend anytime searching for it!

Create Infinite Workouts!

Includes Access to Workout Generator

Create Infinite Workouts With:

  • Bodyweight, Dumbbells, Kettlebells, Barbells, Landmines, Paralettes, Battle Rope, Bands, Pull Up Bars, Sliders, Speed Ropes, Slam Balls + More!

  • Create workouts for burning fat, building muscle, endurance, plus different styles like HIIT & Circuit training

Workouts That Fit Your Schedule:

  • Create 10, 20, 30 or 40 minute workouts

Choose from a 30 day plan or generate new, expertly created workouts on the fly with our Workout Generator for how much time you have that day. Use our expertly built in protocols to do it for you! 

All Plans Include a Movement Library for All Exercises in the Plan so You Can Perform Optimally

Movement Library

Over 400 Movements With Master Library



Each workout plan contains its own movement library. Plus we have a master movement library of over 400 movements you can study and improve on! You can review the movements specific to your workout before your workouts to be prepared or look at our in workout movement library for keys to success in the middle of your workout.

Each demo contains audio, video and written instructions for performing the movement.

Movements demonstrated here may or may not be in this program. See the list above for a list of movements in this program.

This is a demo to give you an idea of what you have access to for demonstrations.

These demos are performed by highly qualified trainers who have worked with clients just like you!

Our training team has decades of experience and worked with thousands of clients just like you. So, they know how to explain things in a way to help your your workouts!

View some of our features to create great workouts

Workout Features


Audio Controls

In Workout

There are multiple ways to move through a workout, log your movements, receive instruction and take notes!

You can choose to follow a workout at your own pace by clicking 'Next' when you are ready or you can follow the pace of the workout and keep up with our automatic mode. Lastly, you can simply just follow a list of protocols in our list view.

You can listen to music, coaching audio, prompts for each movement or workout in silence!

During your workout, you can toggle coaching audio on and off for in depth instruction. You can also turn movement and countdown queues on and off if you just want to watch a screen. Lastly, you can also listen to your favorite music while working out!

There are multiple ways to get the instruction you need before and during your workout!

We have a wide variety of members. Some have told us they want to move at their own pace and learn the movements as they go, so we implemented a feature which allows you to review and learn movements while you workout. You can choose from audio, visual or reading instructions in workout!


Life Changing

Life Changing. These kettlebell programs are helping me get into the best shape of my life

Freddie D

What Did I Do Before?

Before finding the Living Fit membership, I had looked into several online programs including some ridiculously expensive coaching programs. I am so glad I found this membership. I have been using the Kettlebell Origins program for about 1 week, and I have already lost a few pounds, but, more importantly, I have already seen strength and mobility gains. I feel great, have energy, and look forward to the workouts.


What Did I Do Before?

"Before finding the Living Fit..., I had looked into several online programs including some ridiculously expensive coaching programs. I am so glad I found this membership. I have been using the Kettlebell Origins program for about 1 week, and I have already lost a few pounds, but, more importantly, I have already seen strength and mobility gains. I feel great, have energy, and look forward to the workouts."


Great Instructors!

These are great instructors! I love these courses and definitely see results without burning myself out. Definitely looking forward to more kettlebell workouts!"



I was skeptical first but have changed my mind after first week. Every workout was challenging my inner couch potato. Coordinating exercises combined with biggest possible weights led to burning muscles and high heart rates. Pretty much what I was looking for. Thx a lot!



Amazing catalogue of workout plans for life! Only been a week and a half since I started my first Living.Fit program, and I know that I made a great, lifelong investment for my health and fitness.


Want to Upgrade!

I took the monthly subscription last month to try the platform.  I absolutely love all the information and the programs that are available.  I would like to switch my membership to a Yearly Subscription.

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What Happens After 14 Days?

About Workouts

About Workouts
Includes Workouts of All Types

Includes Workouts of All Types

Our programs are expertly designed for results


  • Hit the 'easy' button. Build muscle & burn fat with consistent & structured workouts expertly made for you for long term results. Take the guessing out of making your own each day

  • Challenging and exciting workouts with variety.
  • Plus, learn how to use equipment properly with hundreds of movement demos in our movement libraries
Track Your Workouts
  • We offer the most variety of way to track your workouts online. Choose from automatic workouts to move through effortlessly or log your results on each individual movement before moving on.
  • Choose from 30 day workout plans, individual workout sessions or customize your workout length with our Workout Generator!
Follow Anywhere
  • Available through browser, iOS and Android app!  Follow along with videos on your computer or mobile device.
Who is the Ideal Client for This Program?
  • All ages and genders can follow these workouts. These are beginner movements.

Living.Fit Workouts

Living.Fit Has It ALL

Why Stick to a Program?

Progressive Overload

Time to make real progress with expertly created 30 day plans, access to unlimited workouts in our workout generator and save on equipment with your membership!

The trainers who design our programs have helped thousand of clients achieve life changing results. When you add Living.Fit workouts with a nutrition plan, you will achieve the results you want!

Following a program is the most reliable way to actually make progress to your goals.

Studies has shown that if you follow a plan, follow progressive overload as well as a good diet plan, you will make major steps towards your goals!

Why is Progressive Overload So Important?

The scientifically backed formula to all the plans we create.  This is why you will get results. Progressive Overload is the gradual increase in stress that is put on your body during training. The two biggest factors are volume (repetitions) and intensity. We gradually increase this each week over the course of your plan to position you for progress. Otherwise you risk doing too much at one time or not enough at all. 

Science Backed Workouts That:

Science Backed Workouts That:

What Makes Living.Fit Different?

download living fit app
Who Follows Our Workouts?

Who Follows Our Workouts?



How Do I Follow Your Programs

You can follow on desktop, mobile device

Is This Just for Home Workouts?

Because our programs can be accessed on any device, you can do these workouts at home, at the gym or anywhere


Our app contains programs with bodyweight, bands or heavy equipment, this means no matter what you have available to you, we have a plan for you. 

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