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The Freeman Method - The Power of the Mind


Take a moment and think about your breathing. As you inhale, be aware of all the things you are grateful for and what you cherish, now I want you to exhale, exhale out doubt, fear and hate as all of these things cloud your mind from working optimally daily.

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With that said, let's dial into the power of the mind and what elements bring your daily focus to life. My personal mission in life is to connect people to their greater purpose here on earth. I tap into what I have coined as the 3 E’s. The 3 E’s have been in existence for me since 2007 when I found a deeper meaning to my life while being isolated in France playing the sport I love, football. Understanding who you are and knowing what your identity yields is the first step in creating a movement within self. This leads me into the first of the 3 E’s which is EMPOWER.


By definition Empower means to make (someone) stronger and more confident, especially in controlling their life and claiming their rights. So before you are able to help anyone else in life you first have to know who you are. Within empowering one is tapping into individuals and listening to what they have to say. Look at their daily actions, connect on their objectives and their WHYs. Challenge them to create their personal vision and mission statement. You want them to have a strong foundation of who they are and why they are doing what they are doing in life. Usually people want to follow your lead and do the same thing you are doing. This is where identity becomes compromised. It is compromised because the individual is motivated and moved by your story versus writing their own. What works for one may not necessarily work for another. So understand how to utilize this gift wisely when you are empowering those around you, be sure to enlighten them with knowledge and encourage them daily to OWN their Mission and Vision statement, as that is the foundation of creating a movement within them.


The next E is Elevate. Once an individual knows who they are and what they stand for they now can take their platform to the next level and elevate. To elevate means to raise or lift up to a higher position. So to take who you are and become 1% better daily is a form of elevation. Reading, listening, and applying tools that help elevate who you are and developing your craft is a must. We must do more than just simply exist on this earth, we must LIVE out our purpose and elevate ourselves daily.


The last E is Evoke. Now that the individual has been empowered with self-awareness and identity, and they also have a strong sense of what it takes to elevate their craft daily, the next step is evoke. Evoke means to bring about a feeling. Changes within those around you are now more present when you get to this E. Being contagious with your positive action creates change within others.

Tying the 3 E’s all together brings us back to the power of the mind. The way you think, dictates your daily actions, which yields your results. Note that every result may not be the one you are looking for but, consistency is key here. Taking every experience as a lesson to be learned and know that the end result is what matters. I look forward to connecting more and more to people around the world and share with them The Freeman Method as we continue to create positive changes in this world. The great Mahatma Gandhi said: “Be the Change that you wish to see in the world.”


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David Freeman

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