Omero Rangel on The Living.Fit Show with Aaron Guyett

Omero Rangel on The Living.Fit Show

Meet Coach Omero: A Movement Performance Coach

“Hey there my name is Omero Rangel, but you can call me Coach O. I am a movement performance coach and enjoy using battle ropes, kettlebells, suspension training and medicine balls to train my athletes. I was born and raised in California and currently reside in Sacramento.

The Beginnings of Omero's Fitness Journey

I started my fitness journey at the age of 12, when getting bigger, stronger and faster for baseball and football was the goal. I began personal training at the age of 21 which about 15 years ago and haven’t stopped since!!

Evolving Training Style and Pursuit of Mastery

As I gained more knowledge through school and other avenues I realized there was much more to human movement than I ever imagined. My training style has changed tremendously from when I first started and continues to evolve on a daily basis. By continuing my education and striving to be a master of my field I hope to make a greater impact on the lives that surround me.

Coaching Philosophy: Mind-Body Connection

I specialize in coaching people to become better/stronger movers by understanding the mind-body connection more deeply. I encourage the development of this mind-body relationship through functional training which teaches athletes to move their body properly through multiple planes of motion.

I consider myself a guide, showing you the path of how to control your body as a whole and create efficient movements by improving communication through the central nervous system. We then solidify these connections by staying engaged mentally and physically throughout the entirety of a movement and gradually challenging your self-perceived physical limitations. 

Guiding Athletes to Overcome Limits

My passion for fitness goes beyond just helping people reach their fitness goals, that’s a given, I aim to leave an everlasting impact in areas of muscular function, human performance, mindset, heartset, and lifestyle through a holistic approach to training. It is extremely important to me that my athletes and I figure out what the right balance is for them and how we can game plan for further achievements. 

Balancing Athlete Needs and Achievements

I predominantly use unconventional equipment and unorthodox styles of training which involve kettlebells, suspension trainers, battle ropes, and medicine balls. These tools encourage athletes to use their body as a whole and understand how both hemispheres and sides work together for maximum strength, power, and endurance. I developed a passion for functional training because it promotes full-body engagement, increased mental awareness, and overall grit.

Functional Training and Injury Recovery

A little background on my is that I blew my knee and shoulder out from playing sports and was looking for a training method to still build athleticism, increase longevity, strengthen joint stability/mobility and still get an overall great workout, I found that in functional training. I studied Kinesiology at Sacramento State and received my Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Science in 2014. Since that time I have continued to further my education by completing national certification and attending seminars and workshops, many on functional training modalities.

I am currently a member of NSCA (National Strength and Conditioning Association).”

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