How To Do a Pull Up | Movement Breakdown

How To Do a Pull Up | Movement Breakdown

How To Do Pull Ups

This is one of the most challenging bodyweight exercises you can possibly do working completely against gravity to pull your body up and back down again. Let's go over some of the things to remember. First of all, when we're doing a pull up, this is a scapula or shoulder motion. I'm going to try and drive my shoulder down and back and then elevate it back up again. So when you're doing this, make the first motion be in your scapula to then pull. Make sure you master that hang first before you do anything else. But once you start mastering the hang and that scapular motion, you'll be on your way to your pull up

Why Do Pull Ups?

Pull ups are a foundational exercise in a majority of programming and if you can't do a proper pull up, thats okay! There are various ways to do a pull up whether its above, you could add a resistance band or you could use one of those awesome assisted pull up machines to work your way to doing a proper pull up with your bodyweight!

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