Resistance Bands with Handles

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Resistance Bands with Handles


Hyperwear Resistance Tubes are pound for pound the most cost effective and efficient home workout equipment to build muscle and burn fat. Variable and dynamic elastic bands for exercise provide resistance through the full range of motion with less stress on joints. Stretch bands instability builds core muscles like ab workout equipment. Ideal exercise equipment for home workouts where space and storage are at a premium.

Hyperwear exercise bands with handles are 100% latex long resistance bands with dense foam handles for sure-grip and control. Our nylon webbing is used for the straps, handles and door anchor which is reinforced with box stitches. The set of resistance bands for working out includes a door anchor, pair of handles, pair of ankle straps and five stretching strap tubes in different colors: Yellow 10lb, Blue 20lb, Green 30lb, Black 40lb, Red 50lb

Great for knee rehab, strength, biceps, booty, hamstrings, press, curls, jump training, calisthenics, flexibility, and weightlifting warmup and recovery. Safe for beginners to use who have checked with their doctor before exercising. Exercise guide is included with set purchase. One year limited warranty.