RAW Grips 3.0, Premium Leather CrossFit Gymnastic Grips

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RAW Grips 3.0, Premium Leather CrossFit Gymnastic Grips


The first ever 2-finger leather gymnastic grip that covers your entire hand, RAW Grips provide full palm protection and the strongest grip you'll find anywhere. Feel the world's grippiest grip for yourself, and hit the bar with confidence and better wrist mobility - guaranteed.


See above size chart in images.

S: 0-3.5″inches
M: 3.5″-4″ inches
L: 4″-4.75″ inches
XL: 4.75″+ inches

*Sizes determined by measuring from the base of your palm to the base of your middle finger. If you’re on the line between sizes, go with the smaller size.

RAW Grips are made in the USA and built to last. Designed to reduce rips and blisters, these are the absolute most comfortable leather grips EVER built.

  • BEST PREMIUM LEATHER HAND GRIPS - From the Makers of WODies comes the FIRST 2 finger leather grips that cover the ENTIRE PALM!! – These gymnastics grips are breathable and designed with an adjustable wrist strap for optimal comfort and support for both Men and women athletes.
  • FOR: Both men and women
  • FREE INDEX FINGER - Other 3 finger leather grips severely limit flexibility and are uncomfortable between the fingers. Our RAW Grips have a UNIQUE SHAPE & DESIGN that allows FULL COVERAGE while at the same time leaving your index finger free. These Hand Grips allow for a much needed boost to your hand and wrist MOBILITY, and most of all comfort.

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  •  PALM PROTECTOR - Ergonomically designed to prevent digging into your wrists, it simply WILL NOT happen. Full Palm Protection will ensure full support and stability when using the JerkFit RAW gymnastics grips. Protect your hands and palms during Pull-ups, Chest to bar, Muscle ups, Toes to Bar (T2B), Knees to Elbow (K2E), Kettlebell swings, Powerlifting, Power Cleans, Deadlifts, Snatches, Gymnastics, and more.
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY - Premium quality, extra MALLEABLE AND TEXTURED LEATHER allows grips to conform immediately to your hands. Provides extra grip right out of the package. Also Includes sandpaper to CUSTOMIZE the finger holes to adjust the fit if needed.

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