Coaching and Correcting Functional Movement with the 357 Course

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Coaching and Correcting Functional Movement with the 357 Course


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Programming and coaching to meet all of your clients needs can be complex. Add the fact that our bodies are constantly adapting to the world and stresses around us, it can get even fuzzier.

To help clients meet exercise, fitness, or lifestyle goals, you first need to help them improve movement function. This workshop connects simple assessments to impactful solutions, weaving correctives into a programming model that can adapt daily, weekly, or monthly with any type of clientele.
We will break down how to identify dysfunctional movement patterns, how to assess for mobility or stability dysfunction, apply correctives for the dysfunction, and as a result, immediately improve performance in key movement patterns. If you're a trainer and looking to better understand the body and level up your programming for the diverse needs of your client base, this workshop is for you.
You’ll also receive: 
  • A downloadable course manual plus video library that locks in course concepts.
  • An understanding of to balance range of motions, foundational movement patterns and progressive movement function.
  • Improved knowledge on what functional movement patterns can to improve any exercise modality.
  • A world class approach to programming workouts for your clients.