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Weekly Dumbbell Workout #9

Today's work is full body workout from our Dumbbell Fat Furnace program and following the trend, yes this is the week 4 workout. This should take you about 40 or so minutes to complete. The goal this time around is to use more weight and make sure you are tracking the weights you use for progress.

If you were to follow this workout on your phone, this is EXACTLY what the workout would look like, but there would be video at the top!

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B Block

For this block you will be doing 100 REPS of training with the goal being not put the dumbbells down for the whole 100 reps. Pick a weight thats a 7/10 and lets hit some volume! Rest at your convenience, but try to complete the 100 as fast as you can without risking form and injury. 

C Block

For this block you will be doing the exact same as above!

D Block

For this block you will be doing the same as above!

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Dumbbell Fat Furnace Workout Program

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