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Weekly Dumbbell Workout #10

Today's work is full body workout from our Six Gates of Silverman program and it should take you about 35 or so minutes to complete. Yes, this is ANOTHER repeat from week 5, but we'll get into why we've repeated these workout in a bit. The goal this time around is to use more weight and make sure you are tracking the weights you use for progress.

If you were to follow this workout on your phone, this is EXACTLY what the workout would look like, but there would be video at the top!

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The Workout

For this block you will be doing 5 rounds of the following with a minute of rest between each set and round. So to quickly summarize it: 15 Overhead presses, reps, rest, rack carry for 15 seconds, 15 alternating cleans (both sides), rest, 15 suitcase squats, rest, 15 upright rows, rest. 15 bicycle crunches, rest, and repeat!

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Dumbbell Fat Furnace Workout Program

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