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Get access to some of the most highly educated and world class instructors at your fingertips. Plus their research backed workouts. Great instructors and great education equals great workouts for you! Our instructors answer all your questions about the workouts. Highly qualified trainers with 15 years of experience, CSCS designations and more.

Strength & Flow Kettlebell


Battle Rope Training


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"Just signed up. This is great! The instruction is grade AAA. I’ve been looking for something like this to do more with kettlebells and also for my son who likes the flexibility in kettlebell movements and workouts. I hope to buy high quality KK kettlebells soon."


"Thank you for the great demos! Kettlebells are my favorite piece of workout equipment. I look forward to learning much more. Thanks to you & Kettlebell Kings for providing this service!"


"With three severely smashed, broken vertebrae at the age of ten, I was unable to participate in sports all my life. But with your kettlebell routines, with a little adjustment because of my spine, I'm getting in the best condition, and living life more fully, than I have in thirty years. Thank you so much"


4 to 12 Week Training Programs

Choose from 4 to 12 week programs depending on your goals in kettlebells and battle ropes! All programs below are included in Level 3 monthly memberships!


52 Weeks of Full Length Workouts - $49.99

One of the keys to staying involved in living fit is breaking up the monotony of working out. When you purchase 'Kettlebell Kings Full Length Weekly Workouts' you automatically get one new workout in your inbox from Kettlebell Kings each week. Included is access to more than 60 workouts you can choose from any day, any time when you want to get a workout in!


Kettlebell Movement Library - $19.99

This is the largest database of full length kettlebell movement demonstrations on the web! Learn the details of hundreds of movements with thorough written and verbal queues. Use these movements for INFINITE kettlebell workouts you create! 


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These are one time purchases. Get hours of informative, healthy content!


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